Why is Clean Law booming and okay with helping others start their own Clean Law business?

Like a dirt-bike with its throttle pinned wide-open and its rear wheel spinning while sinking it in the sand, so are the problems that Clean Law and its affiliates help with. That's the clean Law business model. In other words, the more the wheels spin and the deeper our disconnects go, then the higher this business goes. Often times, passively. 


Introducing the Clean Law technology company. Clean Law was founded in 2018. It’s known for publishing work where scientific law converges with family law. They say that 50% of the work force wants to be their own boss. Yet, only 4% consider themselves entrepreneurs. Clean Law's new affiliation program aims to bridge that gap and help make dreams come true. To help more people become their own bosses. Clean Law's VIP affiliate program will let subscribers earn for saving lives, and earn more for adding other subscribers.

Void Monsters are Real!

After two successful years as an affiliate, Clean Law reviews quality standards with practitioners and may offer a very lucrative licensing opportunity. But first, qualified candidates must pass their final exam. And like the Clean Law model, it's not designed for candidates to fail. It's designed for candidates to succeed. In fact, anyone can take a practice test by clicking "VIEW MORE."  


When Clean Law VIP affiliates pass certain qualifications, conditions, and a final exam, then they become licensed professionals. They're free to use Family Law 2.0 and its safety files at home, business, or as a social community resource. It's a new and formal constructive law practice building bridges and child safety nets for families with common sense. The motto is, "Let's leave no file behind!"