"Sponsor a family"

Sponsorship is $19

Donate now and sponsor a family having a child safety file this holiday season. (Click here to see a version). It's like the difference on between "lights off" on the Christmas tree and "lights on." 


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"Merry" Christmas?


Millions of children face family starvation's this holiday season. They're starved of family and starved of a healthy psyche. Poor parents in divorce court and separation cases can't afford attorneys. And for children, they're starved of representation too.  


Joy - Joy

Jubilee Family!



Let the children feel faith, hope, love, & family this Christmas.


(If you can't afford a sponsorship, but would like to sponsor anyway, then contact us and Clean Law might just donate an honorable mention for you).

Need Family?

If you're starved of family and need re-connection nourishment,s then provide the information below and you'll be linked to a child safety file (CSF) expert for assistance. Adding value to your life & family is our beautiful business. (Some conditions may apply). 

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