"File a smile!"

SPN 360 Safety

A family divided cannot stand. And 180-degree division programs, whether they are vertical, horizontal, longitudinal, or situational 180-degrees, or a combination, on top of it all can hurt little puppies like your favorite dog who leaves and is always boxed in but never allowed to return home.

       Are you experiencing a stressful or overwhelming 180-degree problem complicated by distressing legal problems, deployment, guardianship case, emotional, psychological, financial, house, car, school or other throbbing wounds? 

The SPN is charity at the intersection of scientific positive psychology and "family" law v. law. We're a side of happiness in sad differences

       360-degree game changing solutions revitalizing all blank spots in closed doors and non-access.

Get the side-justice "branding platform" you deserve, the value your family really needs, and the respect your children want.


       A game-changer at the innocent intersection of constructiveness and "relief" v. "misery." A touch of heaven during these spells of hell.

"Division hurts us all"


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Laptop and Diary Topview
Writing Documents
Business Team

Testing, assessing &


shielding the vulnerable

from legal, financial,


social, situational, 


and psychological



New Skills

How painful are your 180-degree legal divisions? 

Remember all those feelings of being left out? Scared of what was going to happen without you a having fair voice? 

New Deals


The safety file network

Clean Law's constructive SPN could be the hands and feet on the ground with you, instead of against you, adding value to you and your loved ones during any trying time.

New Economy


Monumental uplifting superfilers!

Our new peer-to-peer network brings together all those ugly divisional hacks against you and shields your children during any legal law v. law storm. 

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Where's your


best interest


childhood safety &


family sustainability




Millions of puppies per year don't choose the pain-points and pinch-points of divorce, deployment, politics, bullyism, death, strikes, layoffs and other psychological markers. Th valleys choose them. The SPN discovers your risk level and helps irons it out while promoting puppy resiliency. Like angels pivoting the worst separation pains ever into the happiest access. Yogether saving millions of lives! 

Open, accessible 


& understandable

solutions to


empower peers,


not parties, systems


or positions.

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"Love Love!"



"Best day ever!"


The Vulnerable

"Why not me?"




Join us

as we maximize

safer & simpler

alternative 360-degree

solutions to concrete


180-degree problems.

Pivot away from




distress towards 

vibrant futures



Turn the "v."

trunks of justice

into V.I.P. best


with cleanlaw.today!

"Everyone's safer with Clean Law."

(All proceeds benefit those in need facing disparaging trunks).