Why Plugin to A Safer Private Network (SPN)

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

By Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer Maria Linares


If the family law v. law court industry in the United States of America had 3D printers in which to mold and build two corners of these "adult fighting files", then the printed elements would be, on both sides, prototypes of extremely bad and toxic monsters for our children.

However, if a 3D printer were in place at the center of these corners but in charge of the “child safety file” network, that is, through organic Family Law 2.0, then it will provide excellent protection for these children even while they sleep. Because it implements a literal kind of "security blanket" for their protection and safety from aggressions and abuses against them from "batty" 3D printers.

Now, scientifically speaking, the Clean Law SPN is safer and new network in charge of satisfying these needs of society that are affected by those situational droughts. As, for example, it would help like farmers who weave together a water distribution network that allows them to keep tree roots constantly irrigated even during periods of water drought. These water networks are responsible for meeting the needs of nature, those who live on farms, and society at large. Likewise, the SPN meets the needs of nature, those who live under hypothetical 3D printers, young families, society, and even families who experience military deployment during all their times of situational droughts.

Now, is the SPN capable of mitigating life-altering situations in times of hostility?

When children are in front of the family law court, the implementations of literal 3D printers that identify the monsters that have attacked them can be a another strong psychological blow for them. Adding additional feelings of isolation and vulnerability. Like being inside of the Grand Canyon during a period of severe drought and feeling the walls, or cliffs surrounding them turning into feared monsters while also dehydrating.

But, just as doctors can sew back together any part of the human body after an accident, and just like people can put bandages on children after an accident occurs at home, it makes sense for parents to start looking for this type of healing that helps their children heal. Allowing wounds family separations that are considered invisible to heal, such as emotional, psychological, financial, home, and other wounds imposed on children who are immersed in these valleys of death. After all, no child chooses the wounds other people inflict on them, rather it is the aggressors or monsters who choose their victims.

The legal industry is roughly 5% of the United States gross domestic product (GDP). Or, $1,050 billion during the year 2020. Yet, there's an unmet need:

Roots at risk

Securing nuclear family safety for both soothing situations and community service is the fundamental aspect of an excellent SPN to meet the needs of healthy people anywhere. As well as, it provides different ways to help children in their battle against monsters that want to attack them. In conclusion, the SPN system is an excellent solution for everyone in the fight against 3D printers everywhere.

The moral is that you must act to save your roots against any problem or aggression. To do this, connect to the Clean Law SPN. Network with cleanlaw.today to solve all your problems, in the best possible way.

Remember, here's your family WITHOUT and WITH the SPN:

Without & with SPN


"Like being the chronic, often suicidal victim of a bully, professional 'bat' tools tend to absorb our roots. Only unprofessional guys and gals can nourish our roots. They're the ones who when you asked for two dollars they give four. So, next-generation family law won't need a judge or an expensive lawyer. It'll be smarter childhood data, safer family sustainability statistics and first-aid justice probabilities right on our smartphones." - Aaron W. Wemple

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