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Why Escalated Parental Separations Have a Missing Ingredient

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

How to go from being a Parent X to Getting Paid

Rescue Parent X Business Card


Access X - What are you missing?

The letter x is commonly used at the end of a letter to symbolize a kiss. In algebra, the letter x is commonly used as a variable that students try and solve for. In hunting for hidden treasure, x "marks the spot." But in regards to social standing, access, and inclusion, Malcom X explained in his autobiography that x symbolized the true African family name that he would never know (Wikimedia Foundation, 2021). For parents subject to conventional "family" law versus law, parent x means the same thing. It symbolizes the true family, even children, that they may be systemically or otherwise nixed away from and never again know them.

What are you missing? Are you missing hope? Kids? Representation?

A Parent X situation usually happens when someone has a child with another person and they break up. The systemic situations come into play when one parent or the other is unrepresented in that legal case. The parents are separated and were never married, but have a child together do greater forces take over.

People who face the consequences of being closed off from their child's life in every direction they turn because they lacked representation, experience a life time of hardships just trying to be an involved parent. Hardships that can range from no problems at all and co-parenting very well to circumstances and compounding circumstances that are impossible to survive.


Life Winks pioneer Olivia discussed in her blog that when she was a young child growing up the whole world turned against her and what her teacher's taught her. Not only was she traumatized by this, but she never forgave school and had to absorb all of those compounding hits. She was scared and never able to lien on her education, her social standing, her finances, or her own emotional stability again.

What are you missing? Are you missing social standing? Contractual money accuracy? Emotional stability?

Scientifically, just like Olivia was later taught in engineering school, by simply walking with these family members at MISSOURICASE.NET, the typical Parent X has a minimum of three strikes against them before going through family law door. Before entering the circuit clerks office. Before going into family court. Three strikes against them compared to alleged criminals going through the criminal court process.

For example, criminals have the right to attorney help when they are poor, but Parent X does not. That's strike one❌. Criminals have the right to bail in their court when accusations are made, but parents in their court don't have bail when accusations and cross accusations are made. Criminals have the right to a jury trial when conflicts never resolve themselves and a Democratic decision is needed, but Parent X does not. That's strike three❌❌❌. Sadly, there are many other disparities young innocent parents have to experience, like Olivia's mom and dad, that criminals like mass murders don't have to experience.

In a stunning pivot from the status quo, the Parent X smartphone app is now facilitating the human / scientific side of justice. Opening up access for consumers to NOT LOSE FAMILY ❌ and valuable data unnecessarily, & WIN EVERYONE LOVE ✅ and securing data necessarily.

What are you missing? Mom? Dad? Grandma? Grandpa? Gift exchanges? Mail? Social media access? Time? Location in the world?


Pivot ye compounding troubling policy

"To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,

to guide our feet into the way of peace." (Luke 1:79 KJV)


REWARD - What Parent X-ers are doing to fill in the missing piece


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