What Family Law 2.0 is not.

Updated: May 9, 2020

Do you remember when you were a child? How great your mom and dad were? Sadly, many children have parents who die, or kids who blame themselves, expressing the need for helpful family law. So, a few dedicated parents laid down their lives designing Family Law 2.0 to keep children and their parents safe.

And you know what? Thousands of old-school family law practitioners, courthouse workers, and users are no more threatened by Family Law 2.0 than a lawn mower is of grass. Traditional family law and Family Law 2.0 co-exist and operate in two totally different hemispheres. Anyone can qualify to practice both.

You see, Family Law 2.0 is not like a boxing ring or the other family law arena. And it's not like a mortar and pedestal, concrete, a cooker-cutter machine, or food you don't like. Family Law 2.0 isn't even like driving to the courthouse. It's more like staying at home and playing games with the family or mining for the positive things going right on around you.

There was a time when professionals who maintained our roads for cars may have felt threatened by sidewalks. Many of us remember a time when some automobile users felt threatened by buckling children into a new safety seat when they first came out. And I'm sure there was a time when McDonald's franchise owners may have felt threatened by offering Happy Meals for children alongside Value Meals for adults. But those are just all examples of unreasonable fears. Things that dispel themselves with time.

Family 2.0 is a security blanket for family members during life wrecks like deployment, divorce, or other legal paper dispute protocol. Think about a train zooming towards your home, and your neighbors looking the other way. Well, that is not Family Law 2.0.

Family Law 2.0 is certainly not a metal train, a street paver scared of the sidewalk, nor a tin vehicle with no child safety seat. Family Law 2.0 resembles a plant growing in your bright window seal.

Family 2.0 is a real safety shield during a life wrecks. Think of a train barreling towards your home, and your neighbors not looking the other way and coming to make noise and surround your house to save your children. That is Family Law 2.0 with child safety files.

Children don't choose the valleys of divisions. The valleys choose them.

The child safety file network we call Family Law 2.0 wants every child to have a family. We accomplishes this goal by donating application fees to team CLU family trial support group for those in need of family deployment support,  representation, un-bailable accusation relief, safety, clarity, peace of mind, and encouragement while carrying their own family sustainability crosses all by themselves.  

If you or a loved one are dying for clarity, safety and peace of mind during a military deployment, divorce, or other paper dispute, then we're here to help.

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Relaxing the soft skills we call justice doesn't come naturally. We're always wondering how to stop crime. And the truth is, the data and authenticity gained from practicing Family Law 2.0 will enable smarter justice that's softer of innocent families. It'll provide more accuracy, probability, and community understanding to the harder criminal and civil court sides of justice. It'll also provide a softer side for innocent families who need help. It's a win-win. Which, unfortunately, is not what classical family law is at all.


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