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"The missing link - Becoming clean, clear and free of blame boogers."

What can a state-of-the-art law blend do to prevent sexual abuse, assaults, and even sex trafficking?

Well, first of all, please let me begin by saying that I think we're all guilty of letting down the victims of abuse and their children. Instead of reigning in the missing link between abusers and the abused, our natural mechanisms seem to be exploiting the missing link. That being said, there's much more work that we can do to be much better stewards in this new area of formal crime prevention.

It's so sad that isolation dangers are very real. We can't guarantee that victims will ever have a voice. This new area of law goes out to everyone who has ever endured a life of hell and not being able to speak about it. By that, I mean a life of domestic abuse and social abuse. Victims say that lives spent in cyber abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, situational abuse, emotional abuse, legal abuse, and social abuse are lives in hell. Of course, abusers know this and probably enjoy it. Flexing in the missing link area is fun for them.

Many people today do not survive this life of hell. And it's far beyond viral. It's epidemic. It's trendy to cause stress and death. Former Vice President Joe Bidden says that "Our gun and domestic violence epidemics are linked — and we must take action to end them both."

Dr. Kimberly Key discovered that even children who experience multiple verbal, emotional and situational abuses have negative heath effects through out their lives and have their lives decreased by 20 years (Key, 2016).

The American Psychology Association recently reported that Stress in America™ for Generation Z (those currently between the ages of 15 and 21) has been endlessly on the rise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that death rates for children ages 10 through 24 due to suicide and homicide have tripled over the recent years of 2007 to 2017. Knowing what’s in store for children and not helping them reduce their risks of stress and death is like knowing that children are smoking cigarettes and not helping them quite to reduce their risks of cancer and death.

Now, there's a link between those who are isolated and vulnerable (IV) like the red puzzle piece above and like victims of abuse together with the blue puzzle pieces above and isolation dealers (IDs) like abusers. It's called "law blend," or dual justice (DJ). A brand new prevention area of law is where the isolated and vulnerable (IV) are supported equal to IDs.

Levers together lever together. And a lot of times those levers of the classical legal system jive more with IDs and not so much with the IV victims, children, and those who have been abused. Victims of domestic violence and abuse know this. And their abusers knw this.

Don't we all feel pain? Some more than others?

Life is not our own. Whether we're a slave to levers and mechanisms or free within God. Life is like minds of our own trying to fit into God's own. But we don't always develop easily. Sometimes, we are the missing link.

Interactions can be tricky. Someone makes us feel good. So, we buy into an idea that they must be "the one." However, Jesus is the key. A mind of "our" own can only cover up that key and all of its intimate grooves. Speakers or authority figures can make us feel good or obligated. So, we buy into an idea that they must be right. However, Jesus is right. A mind of "our" own can cover up the key and all of its intimate grooves. The televised, socialized, rich, load, and powerful can make us feel invisible, unsocial-able, poor, quite, and weak. So, we buy into an idea that they are what they are and we are nothing. However, God says loud and clear that the poor in spirit and the meek are the ones who are blessed. We call those wrongly covered-up isolation deals (IDs) too because like hostile people and abusers cover-up their crimes, the key and grooves of Jesus can be covered to keep us locked out of God's blessings and Heaven. In fact, we often cover-up the key and the path to Heaven ourselves. Romans 3:23 says that we all fall short. We're the ID and the IV.

Vulnerabilities in speaking, hearing, situations, cyberspace, physical, psychological, and social ordeals lead to abuse. But, in God's timing, all of those pits of uneven disparities get healed. Hebrews 1:1 says that "In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways." God unraveled our collective minds through dreams, visions and experiences. Joseph had a dream in Genesis 37 that he would rule over his older brothers. Of course, once they found out, his brothers became isolation dealers (IDs) and placed Joseph in a pit. Joseph was isolated and vulnerable (IV). He was probably IV even before the pit. Minds of our own trying to fit into God's own. Ezekiel envisioned a storm, the Lord's chariot, and new life (Ezekiel 1:4-5). Minds of our own trying to fit into God's own. Vulnerabilities healed like Jesus walking the walk, talking the talk, and willing the will. He knew since before he was a child, and probably before that, that he was isolated and vulnerable (IV). Jesus experienced authorities socially trying to murder him as a child, situationally trying to put him down throughout his life, and systemically putting him down in the end. Until God's will raised him from the dead. Jesus was lifted out of the ID's pit. Where he sits at the right hand of God in a place of honor for all of eternity.

John says in john 1:3, "Through him (Jesus) all things are made; without him nothing was made." The IDs probably hated to hear that back in John's day. The IDs probably still do hate to hear that today. However, minds of "our" own tend to cover-up the key and its grooves. The vulnerable will be set free and heal.

Since we're talking about acronyms here like ID and IV, do you know what PS stands for like at the end of a letter? It stand for postscript. A postscript is an after thought. Like remembering something else to write after the letter has been authored and signed. In this day and age of hyper social media and little accountability, it's easy to latch onto the psychological PS disorder. The PS disorder is impulsively adding or subtracting an original author's intent and writing. Like re-purposing something that someone said in a newspaper article. Or like redacting the account of an author in a authoritative record. We can't see any problem with that ourselves. But if your mind has tried to fit into social media lately, then you probably know what it feels like to be twisted. Those disparities can cause real pain and stress to vulnerable people. I could write that the sky is blue and several hostile fingers would work against me saying it's various other colors. Even though my intent just meant that it's a good day. Intentions are beyond vulnerable. They're vacuumed underneath any flying carpet. And when this happens, corruption is the rule.

There's a popular Christian song entitled Glorious Day by the group Passion. In the first verse it beautifully sings, "I was buried beneath my shame; Who could carry that kind of weight; It was my tomb; Until I met you!"

In the chorus of the song they sing, "You called my name; And I ran out of that grave!" What could a "grave" be? Could understanding more about these "graves" be a missing link? A much needed missing link of a puzzle to victimproof victims?

Booger Balance

PS disorders can put other people in real isolation danger. And PS disorders seems to have infected everyone equally. We're all guilty of it. I could say that the song shouldn't be "I ran out of that grave," but instead "Followed Jesus all my days!" That's PS disorder. I over-ruled the author and his or her intent. It's not fair or just to either the author of that song or even to me to re-purpose those lyrics into what I think. Especially without some kind of inclusive hearing to understand the author's intentions. That would make me an ID and it makes the author IV. Where's the justice?

Pits of disparity

Blessing the IDs and the IVs

Levers together lever together. We are the IDs and the IV. We are the isolation dealers and the isolated and vulnerable. We all fall short. And there's something wrong that warrants adjustment when any one person can freely throw another person under a written, verbal, emotional, psychological, situational, concrete, a social bus like we're doing.

The Missing Psychology

Another PS disorder is like being a child in divorce law and divorce court. Because they're in a pit. And they're in a pit because we're in a pit. In all of that paper work children are labelled as "minors" instead of their real names. That makes them IV (isolated and vulnerable). In psychology, this has been shown to lead to negative isolation effects. A positive Hawthorn Effect, on the other hand, is like calling children by their real names. Like showing them that they're worthy. Dual justice is both. Some divorce cases last 10-15 years. Imagine that you went all through school from kindergarten to high school known as "minor." "Minor" was in all your homework assignments, grade books, class pictures, yearbooks, class schedules, reports cards, and every social situation. You'd be highly disparaged and highly discouraged. You could easily be anyone's blame booger and you wouldn't have any authentic voice about it.

Now, image that you had "law blend," or dual justice and your real name tracked with you through out your education and justice. Those two different feelings are the two differences between negative isolation "booger" effects and positive Hawthorne "clean" effects. Without prevention, we're all stuck in isolation land. Where blame boogers roll. But with prevention, then we're all blessed in prevention land. Where clean and clear breathing rolls. After all, if two battling parents had to see their children's names spelled out in each form instead of listed as "versus" or "minor," then wouldn't they perform better for their children's sake? The Hawthorne Effect says they would.

Levers together lever together. Isolation together isolates together. Clean and clear together clean and clear together. We are the IDs and the IV. We need prevention and blessings. We need to help ourselves while also protecting us from ourselves. A new area of law called prevention, or pre factos has been reigning in isolation dangers for thousands of years. We just have to balance it with postvention, or post factos mindsets.

You see, a good steward of communication would only PS bless another. For example, PS blessing another would be like me posting "What great song lyrics!" "It was so smart hear Passion sing 'I ran out of that grave!'" Or, at worse, a good communication steward might question those lyrics, but also know that warrants a hearing so the other sides' intentions can be seen and felt. Or, gaining assistance to understanding those intentions before I just PS-ed it to death. There's that missing link and balance again.

A bad steward of communication would just PS curse another regardless. And if you have very much social media experience, then you probably know what I mean. We see people die from PS disorder. PS cursing another is like cyberbullying and physical bullying, or just like hating on another because the one hating is hostile. Imbalance can be endlessly unequal. I wonder why we let this open door and endless pain stay open? Don't we all feel the endless pain?


The Urban Dictionary defines Modus operandi (MO), or simply Method as a Latin phrase approximately translated as "method of operating." The acronym is often used to describe someone's habits or manner of working, operating, or functioning. "Their MO is a hater," for example. Or, "Their MO is a lover." It's often used in offender profiling or to find clues of a perpetrator's psychology. But now, we can use to discover missing links if we're good stewards. Authentic links that will enable crime prevention.

Levers together lever together. Isolate together isolate together. We are the IDs and the IV. IDs pump themselves up by pushing the IV down. The IV stay down so that they get pushed down. We're no different. We re-enforce ourselves by gaming the vulnerable weak and the unbelievable. And if you've ever been the victim of domestic violence, child abuse or verbal abuse in a relationship, then you know what I'm talking about. Being silently abused is actually being in pits of sight, pits of sound, pits of emotions, pits of situations, and the pits of society. However, that's better than the a;alternative. Victims who have long suffered say is very much like hell. It is very painful.


We're the IDs and even the IV should be able to find balance. A hypothetical psychology study is that we could inoculate children against PS disorder. We may be able to help them become immune to endless postscripts and to the endless isolation dealers. For example, (and I am not recommending this) we could test the Victimproof Theory that PSs mislead vulnerable children into further depths of pits. For example, if someone gave a person that we'll call Tessa a big costume, a tall stage, a bright spotlight, and a loud microphone to communicate with a little child that we'll call Seth, then we could record the effects that kind words and harsh words have on the child. For example, did Seth stay in safety or else was Seth somewhat moved out the door?

One hypothesis could be that even kind words from those physical, visual, sound, situational, and emotional disparities would be very uncomfortable for Seth and would be extremely comfortable for Tessa. Perhaps, a negative/negative experience?

As far as sight, Seth is in a literal low spot compared to Tessa. There's a visual disparity. As far as sound, Seth is in a trench and possibly even entrenched if he tries to speak out. There's a sound disparity that can be felt. As far as local feelings, Seth is in a pit with depressed feelings. While Tessa might be abridged with over-inflated feelings. There's a psychological disparity. As far as influence, Seth is in a pit. No one may every believe anything that Seth ever thinks again. Especially if he tries to speak. As far as the outside world, there's an obvious social disparity to balance. All the ID benefits might inherently even push out the IV on their own regardless of intentions. So, that's exactly where we find the grit, immunity, authenticity, and crimes prevention.

Many are concrete disparities. Differences that can be much more weaponized that Moses and his group simply being subscribe to fetch their own straw as consequences for him asking for freedom. Differences that are permanent. Disparities much harder and much more powerful in many more ways than Joseph simply sitting in a hole and then eventually in jail. Pits today are more in number and greater in consequences than pits of yesterday. As are the joys and places of posterity for the IDs.

Fortunately, we can assess what may lead to being a good communication steward and what may lead to being a bad, obstructive or twisty communication steward. Unfortunately, this takes a broader perspective than what is typically available in any trial, city council, county board, state labyrinth, or senate debate. But it has been shown to protect the vulnerable from abuse. So, it has the potential if we dare. Blessings are found by helping any vulnerable be immune to differences or weaponized differences and by balancing any isolation dealer's power.

Really Feeling the IV Imbalances

Dropping the ball on what has been taught to us our whole lives, comes about when someone is already vulnerable, perhaps there's no way for them to be seen or heard to even be able to climb up out of their low spot in life on their own, and everyone else just knows they're supposed to push too. These low spots, or pits can be a lot of things. They can be an imbalance of money, power or influence. They can be a disparity in pay. A from rut from an education needed to be on par with everyone else. A ditch of depression from the motivation and energy that everyone else seems to have. A pothole of walking from the cars and trucks everyone else has. A mine with no heat in a home like everyone else. A ditch of no home. The pitfalls of no bank accountant. Churning drains of no real representation to defend oneself, no vocabulary to speak to others, no platform to be viewed as equal, no microphone to be heard as equal, no lights, television, credibility, internet, mail, phone, food, water, healthcare, eyesight, arthritis-free joint, thinking, or even hygiene products. The repeated stress like repeated head trauma in football that every voice, every thought, every hearing, and every policy will always be the same. Really feeling the IV imbalances is like someone always dropping the ball when they say that they are going to pass it to you, that it's your right, but it always gets dropped before it gets to you and you're never allowed to even try to dribble or score.

Really Feeling IDs Imbalances

Taking away what was given to someone their whole entire life comes when someone is already immune. Perhaps there's only ways for them to be seen or heard even better able to climb up higher out of their high spot in life on their own. And everyone else already knows they're supposed to be upheld. These high spots, or ridges can be a lot of things. They can be an imbalance of money, power or influence. They can be a disparity in pay. A from pinnacle in education needed to be above everyone else. A plateau of succession over the motivation and energy of everyone else. A super car or truck when everyone else is walking or pushing junk. A mansion with all the heat in the world when no room to concern sharing energy. A neighborhood of amazing homes. The diamonds of many bank accountants. Fountains of exaggerated representations to present oneself, impeccable vocabulary to speak to others, an incontestable platform to be viewed as superior, a microphone and volume control to be heard louder than anyone else, brilliant lights, HD television, credibility, internet hyperlinks, mail superiority, phones, food delicacies, imported water, the best healthcare, cared for eyesight, authentic treatments for arthritis, empowered thinking, and even plush hygiene products. The repeated empowerment's like repeated diamond polishing that every voice, every thought, every hearing, and every policy will always be the same. Really feeling the IDs imbalances is like someone always handing the ball when they say that they are going to pass it to you, that it's your right, but it always gets dunked for you before it gets to you and you're never allowed to even try to dribble or score.

Really Blocking the Differences

"Instead of balance" always comes with more of the same. We've all heard the excuses. "Expletive" runs downhill. "Whip Whip Whip." "Push Push Push." "Hit Hit Hit." "Trip Trip Trip."

Clean Balance

Today we can be thankful for IDs and the IV. Two areas of leverages that we can now openly balance and connect. But it's only because of the patient suffering by the most vulnerable people in America that the rest of us can be openly blessed too. That's Biblical and the way that it's always been. No one stopped the Pharaoh from hurting Moses and the slaves more when Moses tried to connect to freedom and relief. And no one stopped Joseph's brothers and the authorities from buying him as a slave. The isolation dealers ruin themselves by destroying those who are isolated and vulnerable. They're division monsters. Until God lifts his victims and the vulnerable people up out of a fiery hell.

Verse two of the song by Passion sings, "I was breathing but not alive." Do you think that that's what Joseph felt when he was down in the hole?

The song goes on, "All my failures I tried to hide." PS - Do you think that's what Moses was feeling when he was a slave and repeatedly rejected then taking hits for his bids of freedom? "It was my tomb; Till I met you!"

In 1 Samuel 16, Jesse was asked to present seven of his sons to Samuel because the Lord had chosen one of them to be anointed. The least and very last son chosen was Jesse's child David. Who was actually attending sheep back at home the whole time the other six were being presented. David wasn't even thought of being chosen. He was situationally vulnerable and fixed to be nixed (cancelled) from God's blessing just by oversight. His own family accidently left him in what could've been an eternal pit. He was the "minor" of the "minors."

When it feels normal to be PS-ed

David sings in Psalm 23:4 "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff comfort me." His own family, and probably the whole world was against David. David carried no weight in the minds of his family nor in the minds of society. Levers together lever together. Until God stepped in and Samuel was brave enough to buck the will. How many IV David's are left out today being instead deemed "not worthy?"

The IVs Valleys of Hell

IDs PS the hell into people. And don't even realize it. They PS the hell into people like babies, abuse victims, Joseph, Moses, Jesus, the vulnerable today, and David. And they're free to get away with it. While the victims will never be free nor ever be the same again. It's time to authentically prevent the pain.

IDs re-purpose and even weaponize disparities against those who are IV-ed. That's way out of balance. With room for more disconnecting abuses at the table if anything ever goes to court. That's what we did.

If a baby were in several pits near Ashley in the experiment with a loud microphone while also being locked in the building, then that child might be praying, "Yea, though I crawl through the valley of the shadow of death...." Likewise, if a child was written up as a "minor" in a court proceeding while also being locked in, then that child might be praying, "Yea, though I crawl through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." That's what we did together.

Minds of our own fitting into God's own.


The Missing Balance

It takes work to balance IDs with the IVs. More than work, it takes suffering. But, connecting the two is the missing link of future blessings. It's like lowering the whole bar to engage more of the isolated people who were previously left out. It's like being a good steward of communications. And holding the bad stewards accountable. Prevention comes by preventing the IVs. Preventing them from pits of all kinds.

Isolation's and vulnerabilities (IVs) are obviously pits. Pits invisible to the rest of the world. Even though isolate and vulnerable have suffered greatly, God has a long history of freeing vulnerable people and binding IDs. Minds of our own fitting into God's own. Whether or not anyone likes it. Jesus is the key. Following him is the grove. That's a written disparity and probably not good communications stewardship.

Together, IDs enable domestic violence and many other similar open pits. Domestic violence shelters know this. They prepare the victims well before engaging in the legal system. The PS disorder is like leaving a _________ (blank) forever and filling it in later way after the fact when all hope has been lost by the vulnerable and there's no will to either stay in the pits or to try and exit. IDs know they have the upper hand when the vulnerable is beyond weak with disparities and disconnects. A blank or negotiated plea forever leaves the IDs higher than the IV forevermore.

Like the Tessa v. Seth case or a social media case, when everyone and everything added operates outside of original intent, then what's squeezed out? What's the one thing that disappears? Authenticity.

Let's face it, we're blame boogers and not clean-heads. Wiping posts don't have a chance in hell of ever finding clean balance.

The Ultimate Link

Many people know and experience the link. The one and only missing link to fill in all of those painful pitfalls. Jesus didn't leave any empty and hollow blank spaces. And he sure wasn't a friend to people PS-ing God's will to death. He walked with and healed those who were internally, physical, and socially vulnerable and broken. He rescued those who were in emotional, physical and social pits. He even opposed leaders who pushed the same. Jesus walked the walk, talked the talk,, and the will of God gifting balance to the vulnerable.

In physics, we call that balancing, or blessing two opposite groups "transfigurational." Because it's much more than just a collective transformation. In psychology, they call it a breakthrough. In business, it's known as a unicorn. But in scripture and the kingdom of Heaven, it's always been known as minds of our own finally in to God's will. His way; His rights: His glory. Whether we like it or not. But especially if we don't like it. Just ask Goliath.

In Luke 19:39, when Jesus' disciples were praising loudly while Jesus was riding a borrowed mule into Jerusalem, some authorities said, "Teacher, rebuke your disciples!" Jesus replied, "I tell you, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out."

Moses was hardened to the point where he took a life. Joseph was hardened against his brothers and life until his dream was realized. People in pits today get hardened to the point where they either up or God breaks them through loud and clear. Jesus, well, I'm doing my best not to PS Jesus. But Jesus says in Luke 19:42, "If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes."

It will be a very glorious, load day when the isolated and the vulnerable are finally balanced and free equal to all the isolation dealers. No more boogers!

Authentic Justice

At the foot of the cross are secret blessings. But, those blessings are also so powerful, so tried and so true, that people are scared of them and would rather PS them to death instead of use them. At the foot of the cross the invisible becomes visible. At the left-hand nailed to the cross, the blind gets sight. At the right-hand nailed to the cross, the deaf start hearing. At the pierced side searching for blood, well, the heart is always invisible to monsters. God looks out for the vulnerable. No matter who doesn't.

And for those "leaders" who cannot accept balance for whatever reason, we now have #systembots. System bots are child safety files that protect children and bridge division monsters. Safety files can childproof vertical, horizontal, longitudinally, booger labelled, political, postured, and even cyber divisions.

All the missing links together

The prophets long ago pointed beyond themselves to the heart of the one (Jesus) who would come. The key and groove for all fallen (or pushed) people to be free in their lives from hell. And saved for Heaven. Minds of their own fitting in to God's will - a sacred blessing.

Jesus is God's message to the world for all time loud and clear. A message to people who think they are better than others and a hyperlink to people in pits everywhere. As John writes in John 1:1 - Jesus is "The Word."

In John 15:3 Jesus says that "Now you are clean through the word which I have spoken to you." We may want to, but we don't have to PS anything anymore. We don't have to deal in isolation. We don't have to assume that we know better and rob the anointed of their anointing. We don't have to PS other people, clothes, styles, psosts, ages, voices, sights, sounds, situations, or societies. That's just making ourselves corrupt.

PS is BS and Hell. It's time that we dust ourselves off and connect the missing link.

God's IV are blessed and Heaven. Hebrews 1:1-2 again says "In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times in various ways, but in those last days he has spoken to us by his son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe." Please forgive me and erase from your minds my PS. But Jesus is the key with the only authentic grooves. The only way to prevent child abuse and domestic abuse pits. Connect the dots. Reign each of them in out of their own unique vulnerabilities and see. Listen to prevention. Jesus was the most vulnerable but he still gets the IV out of hell, into freedom, and set for Heaven too. Glory God!


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