Yesterday's Freak Show - A Tail of the Ugliest Ducklings

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

"Insane Imbalance"

Working women

Many of us remember the days growing up as children, maybe mom and dad were divorced, but mom always faced challenges trying to find meaningful employment. Take my mother for example, it really did seem futile and lifeless for her to keep trying to apply for jobs at Caterpillar or Firestone, and the likes, because she new that most likely a meaningful career in those places was never going to happen for. Her and us children felt those imbalances. We felt like the ugliest ducklings.

My siblings and I looked up to the males in our family. Many had meaningful careers. They were the go-to people when problems arose. And you kind of look up to people like that who had stability and job security. But, as we all know, why isn't equal status for everyone a given?

Imbalances can be uncomfortable - freakishly uncomfortable. Today's working woman are getting past those barriers and changing all that. Sure, there are still some obstacles. But, the over-all feeling is that woman have self-freed themselves from being held back. And the next-generation of ladies are safer for it. They see a brighter future. So, if we have little baby girls today versus yesterday, then they have more employment balance than ever before. These wonderful lady's breathed new life into families everywhere!

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