The Childhood Withdrawn Calculator

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

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Two Color Portrait

Victorian silhouettes, often called withdrawn artwork, lacks detail and clarity. For centuries, art and art equipment was primitive.

Like withdrawn artwork, familiar withdrawn settings around our environment might include places like our personal bedroom. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word withdrawn as 1: removed from immediate contact or easy approach: isolated. 2 : socially detached and unresponsive. Which sounds a lot like me when I'm detached, tired, sound asleep, or grumpy. Lol.

Anyway, the magnitude, or the impact of being withdrawn like in a picture or in a private setting can literally be calculated. For example, there are around 10 million colors known to scientists, (Thompson, 2015). Yet, there's only two black and white colors chosen in the above picture. So it leaves out, or withdraws 9,999,998 colors. That's a big deficit in the field of colors. So what about socially after it's pressed?

Well, the withdrawn bedroom scenario can also include things like clothing, hairstyles, hygiene, smells and make-up (for women). And withdrawn bedroom or portrait shortcomings could also be multiplied by the number of people over time who experienced them. Take a withdrawn picture for example, besides the original artist who drew it, each viewer who sees it later is withdrawn of 9,999,998 colors each time. The point is, the absence of physical attributes can be calculated. That's what the Childhood Withdrawn Calculator does for children in conventional "family" law v. law and policy.