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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

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Two Color Portrait

Victorian silhouettes, often called withdrawn artwork, lacks detail and clarity. For centuries, art and art equipment was primitive.

Like withdrawn artwork, familiar withdrawn settings around our environment might include places like our personal bedroom. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word withdrawn as 1: removed from immediate contact or easy approach: isolated. 2 : socially detached and unresponsive. Which sounds a lot like me when I'm detached, tired, sound asleep, or grumpy. Lol.

Anyway, the magnitude, or the impact of being withdrawn like in a picture or in a private setting can literally be calculated. For example, there are around 10 million colors known to scientists, (Thompson, 2015). Yet, there's only two black and white colors chosen in the above picture. So it leaves out, or withdraws 9,999,998 colors. That's a big deficit in the field of colors. So what about socially after it's pressed?

Well, the withdrawn bedroom scenario can also include things like clothing, hairstyles, hygiene, smells and make-up (for women). And withdrawn bedroom or portrait shortcomings could also be multiplied by the number of people over time who experienced them. Take a withdrawn picture for example, besides the original artist who drew it, each viewer who sees it later is withdrawn of 9,999,998 colors each time. The point is, the absence of physical attributes can be calculated. That's what the Childhood Withdrawn Calculator does for children in conventional "family" law v. law and policy.


Two Position, dangerous & difficult 180-degree differences (times infinity)

At your local county courthouse, "family" law v. law policymaking rooms, children are physically withdrawn from representation and securities. Mom and dad have case files, but children are withdrawn from case files. Mom and dad have support, but these children also experience being withdrawn in the financial, emotional, social, academic, and spiritual trunks of justice. And everyone who refers to the case later, or reflects back on case law for arguments, lacks clarity. In fact, they too are left in the dark age.

Likewise, many parents who can't afford an attorney feel withdrawn of counsel. Withdrawn and not as vivid to policymakers simply because they can't afford an expensive retainer fee or an expensive law degree.

Likewise, many parents in this coliseum are withdrawn of bail (because bail doesn't exist in these courts when accusations and cross-accusations are made). Withdrawn of legal file folders, legal case law, evidence, documentations, witnesses, pens, papers, hands, feet, and minds to move all these things along.

In the conventional family law practice is where the most vulnerable but withdrawn people in your community meet at the most withdrawn place. The most withdrawn place in the world to be besides the lives and pictures of the people who went before them.

Often, these new participants and children of these cases are silently over-withdrawn out of life, over-withdrawn out of liberty and over-withdrawn out any possible hope of happiness before they are cognitive enough to express what it feels like. They are alienated from their children and world. And they never have proof, evidence or witnesses to equally corroborate what they go through. And with nearly one million divorces per year (CDC) involving 2.5 million children a year, we can calculate that's 2.5 million file folders, finances, emotions, and social withdraws children alone experience per year.

Just one legally withdrawn childhood


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Childhood Full-Drawn Calculator

But there's a workaround online that's been born out of necessity. A new way to move past those concrete compacting trunks for children. Child safety filers are reversing children who were mandated to be withdrawn. They're reversing systemic parental alienation and policy for crime prevention, childproof policies and family sustainability by those brave enough to practice organic child safety files (a.k.a. Family Law 2.0). A safer alternative.

Third Position, 360-degree safety (times infinity)

At your local county courthouse, parents and and next-generation law students can practice safer 360-degree solutions. Children who would have been withdrawn will be full-drawn with natural representations case files, collaborators, and all the luxuries the withdrawn artists previously had to themselves. They'll literally experience, or face the financial, emotional, social, academic, and spiritual appreciations in justice. Full-drawn with counsel. Full-drawn with peers representing parent and/or the other when they can't afford an expensive retainer fee or law degree. Full-drawn of bail (because it will exist in or outside of these courts). Full-drawn of legal file folders, documentations, pens, papers, hands, feet and minds to move them along.

The most vulnerable and insecure place, the most full-drawn place in the world to be. With 2.5 million children involved with divorce per year, we can calculate that's 2.5 million withdrawn file folders, finances, emotions, social outcast, academic interference, and spiritual. Now we can flip childhood full-drawn-ness one child at a time.


Calculate your childhood full-drawn here:




In little league baseball games when a child gets hit by the ball we often here the phrase "Walk it off." But what do children who feel the pains of being legally withdrawn from every major pain points of their lives do? Do they "Walk it off?" Maybe gravitate towards avoidance or escape measures? Find ways to divert their attention from the compacting pressures in the trunk of justice?

Regardless, with the CHILDHOOD WITHDRAWN CALCULATOR and the CHILDHOOD FULL-DRAWN CALCULATOR, custodial parents, non-custodial parents and children withdrawn can now have an organic network of checks and balances in family law & policy. Checks and balances that never existed before. Neither in the primitive portraits of justice, or in our private lives. It's how we'll easily turn our country right-side out.

You're welcome kids. You got this!


In the future, more kids of uncomfortable law v. law will be singing...



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