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Set-Aside Land / Set-aside Family

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

"Sustaining our Future"


Remember the 2008 & 2020 Farm Bills? Both with set-aside land programs?

What are these golden set-aside acres of land anyway, and why are they so precious to us taxpayers?

Well, if you're a farmer or following the "trade war" with China, then you may know that it's been a long and difficult year for farming and for farming families here in America. Some of these businesses may not survive the price drop on top of the late-year planting and late-year harvesting. But the federal government has a bill called the set-aside program. Which enables farmers to not plant a certain number of acres that are at risk of eroding. And in return, the program compensates farmers for not jeopardizing that land.

Today (November 20, 2019), WAND-TVs David Brown reported that around Thanksgiving, 2019 farmers will receive another check because it's been determined that they are the ones who have been hit the hardest during the contract negotiations between the U.S and China. The set-aside land program pays the most susceptible farmers in order to sustain their land and our futures.


Surely not everybody is Kung Fu fighting?


Law Blend:

They say that contract disputes have to be pressing and suffer-able. "Law," they say, or justice is never giving in. Survival of the fittest. Rich or poor. Do or die. Always folding another. No matter the cost or the collateral damage.

Others say that contract disputes can be endlessly empty and hollow to authentic family and children. Like authenticity is the last thing to never discover. Law blend, or dual justice (DJ) is never giving up on the vulnerable. Always moving forward for those who are formally excluded. Rich and poor. Do and survive. Always helping another have a voice, a place, and a seat at the table. While never forgetting where we came from. Child safety files and childproof contracts are all about "woven plush" next-generation safety.



Remember the 2020 Family Bill and its set-aside family program? Of course you don't. It's brand new.

What are these golden set-aside families anyway, and why would they so precious to us taxpayers?

Well, if you're following the contract re-negotiations between the Decatur, Illinois teaching assistants union and the school board, or you know of similar stalemates, then you know that those are tough times on children and their families. Many admit that they don't know what they'll do and may not survive the ordeal. The federal government could have a new program soon called the set-aside family program. This would enable families to stay at home with their children during contract negotiations, strikes and litigation's. Strikes that force family members to commit statutory truancy and stay home anyway. If trendy, then this new program would compensate families and prevent them from being out on the streets during a strike and to be able to keep their children at home from school.

Like other contract disputes, Judge Terry Betts admits that children of "divorce" contract disputes are "regrettably not getting the attention they need." A set-aside family program would give them the attention they deserve by paying the most susceptible families for their children being restricted from school and having to educate their children at home. With their own personal intellectual property and personal physical property during contract negotiations, disputes, strikes, and litigation's. Judge Linda Krese agrees with Judge Betts and told two Maryville, WA parties that "I think both sides have an obligation to the children they’re supposed to be serving."

This program is especially critical for families with special needs children who often require extra assistance and extra facilities because of their extra vulnerabilities. Families are obviously put-out and the long and difficult maneuvers begin when contracting phases are open.

Set-aside land and set-aside family - Both program sustain our most vulnerable grounds and all of our futures. Both programs blend a growing crop without wasting soil or educational grounds. Both are obviously needed.

The most recent 2020 Farm Bill is established and works great for the benefit of sustaining land and all of our futures. The 2020 Family Bill would also work great for the benefit of sustaining families and all of our futures. We simply have to focus on the blindspots instead of all the monster moves. We plant diabolical seeds of division and exclusion in the name of law, justice and policy. But never healthy seeds of unity and inclusion settling our differences with kind considerations as law, justice and policy. We're leaving out half of the equation from the future of American history. Surely not everybody is Kung Fu fight?







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