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Updated: Sep 29, 2020


While producing a promotional video for its forthcoming book entitled Law & Side-Law, Clean Law reviewed a step-by-step process from a company called Renderforest to help other authors and businesses be more informed when trying to promote their brand.


Renderforest offers its customers free or paid branding tools like custom logos, videos, and websites. Tools that they say requires just a little time and effort. So after visiting their website, I clicked on the video tab at the top of the Renderforest homepage to find out.

After clicking on the video tab, I saw a search engine box. So I entered the phrase, "Custom book promotion video." And a list of various templates to choose from populated my screen.

The first option I saw looked appealing for the product that I needed to promote. There were several different templates ranging from local events to restaurant menus to promote. All of which you can preview before choosing. So I previewed and clicked on the "Realistic Book Promotion" to fit my needs. Which said that it includes 20 scenes. This means editing! So, I was a little nervous.

After clicking my choice, there was a broader explanation and then a green button at the bottom that said "Create Now." I clicked it and was directed to a page with two more options which said "Add Scene - By browsing scenes and add to your project," and "Load a Preset - Choose from ready-made stories." I chose to add scenes.

The next screen was the magic began to happen - the editing page for creating Clean Law's promotional book video. As you can see from the list of options on the left, there's already a custom scene for introducing the book. I clicked on "Insert" to add the scene and a project page opened up with all the options to fully customize this template place for my particular book.

For this scene of my project, I simply added my book title in the box which says "YOUR BOOK DESCRIPTION HERE" and my name where it says "Additional info here."

Where the first red line is connecting to the book cover image from the grey box, it lets the user upload a picture of their book cover or else choose a picture from several stock photos to insert. It also does this for the back cover image and the name of the book printed on the spine. Once complete, then there's a button on the lower right-hand side of the project that says "Snapshot." I clicked on this link and then easily edited the scene for my book promotion to make it look like this:

customized book promotional scene

Before I knew it, I was adding new scenes and changing scenes with ease. Renderforest is a quick and easy way to produce and edit a brand name, product, or service. There are also options to choose different types of music clips for your video. Even if you're new to video productions, your final product should look as professional and presentable as mine did in no time at all. This is the free 360p video with a Renderfoerest watermark: final result after submitting this review and receiving a discount code for 100% off:

Of course, this initial video was a low quality 360p and had a watermark, but Renderforest also has a page dedicated to a host of discounts. For example, this review is written to fulfill a 100% discount. That page currently lists six different ways to receive a discount from sharing on social media to writing a blog review. A free 360p video with a watermark isn't so bad. But a free HD 1080p with no watermark for reviewing a product that I would've looked into anyway, well, that's like sprinkles on top of the icing on the cake!

This is the final video that I downloaded for free after writing this blog review, contacting customer support about the 100% discount, and then receiving a discount code by email for 100% off:

All-in-all, the Renderforest all-in-one branding platform is very intuitive and easy to use. I felt like it was beyond valuable for my brand. At least as far as promotional videos are concerned. I can't wait to get involved with it again and review their logo and website services too. Yay!...more sprinkles!!!

Watch for more reviews and milestones from the Clean Law blog "What's Ace filing?"

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