Redefine Losing

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Do you need ultra safe open access to justice during those social and divorce court battles? Need ultra safety for your children or child support?

Need it for free?!

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We all lose in those old ways of making deals. So, let's redefine losing.


How about that hyped-up game? Did you see it? That gets a guy thinking. Has there ever been open access to your justice game? Like the kind child safety filers provide? Turns out, there's a whole world outside the stadium!

If your old facility denies you access and forgets about anyone or anything during your courtroom competition case, then what?

Forgotten people first started redefining losing when they finally woke up and realized after decades of experience that children need a hack to be ultra-safe during those pre-designed plays for the colosseum and outside commission tweaking the rules. Children had no access to any team that represented them. They had no options to a coach, referee, scoreboard, or record books. And could you imagine investing money in stocks for a company who couldn't even be on the New York Stock Exchange? That's the forgotten.

It's time to civilize the game.

In life, outside the stadium, children deserve ultra-safety and their parents deserve open access in all cases for free (at least in "family" court). Otherwise, we're forever slaves to someone else playing us for money. And quite possibly their own self-serving "interpretations" of the justice game to fit their own high growth business model. While the forgotten are invested in down in reality, but aren't allowed to rise or fall on the coliseum exchange/scoreboard. What kid of trading is that?

We know what the outside commissions for the county coliseums are thinking - "Well change the game. We'll change the playbook. Instead of six points for a touchdown, it'll be five and four points for a field goal." But these thoughts will be even worse for everyone down in reality. Because then, even the coaches and referees will be in restress mode and forget about what's left out. It won't help the children at all. And then what? Say the Russians hacking into the scoreboard and changed the results and permanent record books of the exchange? So, what about our kids who are stuck in the forever trunk of justice outside the exchange games?

mandated 180-degree problems


In regular life-wrecking protocols like coming to terms in high-conflict school strike deals, divorce issues and even most political policies, children are like the ball stuck to one of two embattling pipelines. Or, like a fish in a fish tank on the top of a moving car which gets into an accident. Or, like a child strapped into both cars at once when they collide into each other. These are child endangerment systemic wrecks.

But when we redefine losing, children get overlapping empathy just like safety nets with both vehicles to buffer those impactful deals when they go too far. Like an extra scoreboard for everyone to see what's healthy and safe for those children in vulnerable situations. Like ultra safety during systemic wrecks.

So, don't lose that DREAM life, the BEST children ever, or the RICHEST place in the world just because you don't have an expensive retainer fee for a coach, or an expensive law degree to navigate the stadium. Or, because you didn't deserve that untrue statement against you by an opposing team but had no money to get through to court and onto the scoreboard.


Common Troubleshooting

1. If you are married and have a family, then a safety plan for when disagreements happen, such as a family meeting, should be in place for open access for everyone in you family to use.

2. If your justice is lost (or never really existed in the first place) from a divorce or legal separation issue because you always turned the other cheek, then you can redefine losing by contacting CLU for assistance.

3. If you hit your face on technology walls during child custody issues, order of protection cases, or other such experiences and lose by default just because those hearings are virtual requiring a computer, or the referee "Zoom" wouldn't give access into the game, then please contact Clean Law SPN for support on the organic side of those company's.

4. If the opposing team calls you a "redskin" or other such false accusation and the referee disqualifies you, but you are really following honest rules but you just couldn't prove because of a closed system, then practicing ultra-safe child safety files is a hack for you. There are self-service options like join in with CLU and full-service options like hiring a professional child safety file practitioner.

5. If you and your children are kept away from each other due to no access to your child's school, extra curricular schedules, phone calls, mail, email, social media, holiday experiences, gift exchanges, and other such systems just because one parent doesn't fit the "custodial parent" frame, then ultra-safe policy partnerships are warranted. While the opposing team laughs and runs up the score, please reach out Aaron Wemple for assistance with systemic policy.

Redefine losing

Together we'll redefine the game and secure your FUTURE. Plus, enable you and your children's SERENDIPITY together to be free too. Because today more than ever before we have clear differences between the organic sides and the systemic sides of safety. Just like the differences and obstacles between the organic side for players and the systemic side. And because the self-skyrocketing systems really do need a reality check. A truth hack that was previously below the threshing floor, while paying the price and picking up the pieces.



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