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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Child Safety File Justice

Contributor: Dr. Ubaid Khan Afridi

Child Shield

Saved by grace and inspired by survivors in those "perfect" eyes of the storms, Founder Aaron Wemple's unique blend of scientific law with conventional "family" law has the focus of one simple goal: a next-generation policy where every child has a family - giving you and your loved ones a perfectly blended opportunity for a happy life that's worth enjoying.

Founder's Profile

Aaron is the author and founder at Clean Law Safer Private Network (SPN). The SPN was discussed on the Zradio Live "Zack & Evan" radio show on March 17, 2021. It's a successful initiative undertook by Aaron to provide support to struggling couples on settling their marriage issues or transitional experiences. Even if the couple seems ready to separate from each other, Clean Law provides suitable platforms and opportunities to protect the interests of the children so that their future remains secure.


Clean Law provides tangible proof of Aaron’s philanthropic nature. Aaron has studied thoroughly the dynamics of the system of families and married couples in the United States. Based on these studies, Aaron has mentioned that Macon County, Illinois has the second-highest number of foster children in foster homes, ready to be adopted by someone and provide them a shelter of parents. But given the false reports of even Covid-19 data, some could be "protected" less securely than they deserve. As less detail-oriented political hacks (according to Judge Judy) make excuses according to eye witnesses like, "It all pays the same."

As much as the divorce process is mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally hurtful for the parents, it's painful for the children too. Child safety filers are determined to bring safer experiences to the divorce system, and pre-divorce data. In other words, prevention. They hope the reforms will positively impact the system because they are determined to safeguard the future of the children in these systems after their parents have separated.

For this particular journey, child safety filer’s exhibit kind natures and soft corners in their hearts for children in transition, which has taken them to blending in Clean Law thoroughly. They have carefully and suitably defined particular points in the stature of the United States family law which needs immediate attention and change before they hurt any more children. The group hopes to decompress the issues between couples outside of court. This will help America not only keep the divorce rates low but will also be amicable with the future for millions children.

The basic purpose behind launching the Clean Law initiative is providing community service to families in need. As a result of these efforts, apart from published books, Clean Law has become a fully functioning online website ( that is available to anyone searching for its services. This side of a new standard of helping people brings forward a philanthropic social nature. That is why, about 200 to 300 families have trusted child safety filer’s experience in the Clean Law foundation to resolve their family disputes, and ultimately protect the future of millions of children.

Apart from resolving family disputes and keeping the family law organized, Founder Aaron Wemple also works to educate the community about the importance of the organic nature of family law. He has set up an enterprise to address the concerns of the people about this particular topic.

"Bling My Secret Record!"

Aaron’s vision is very dynamic. Presently, his foundation is working on a county level. But, Aaron is undertaking serious measures to expand his portfolio to the state level and ultimately the national level. By extending his services, he hopes to hire more people for this initiative. More people would mean a greater area of access than before, and this will ultimately help him reach farther extents of his community. Aaron’s vision of improving the state of current family laws and their relation with divorce will not only help to protect the mental health of adult parents but also for the children as they are normally the ones who suffer the most as a result of legal separation.

So, whether you're preparing to run for governor or just relaxing at home - whatever the path - always remember child safety filers.

"Don't lose - win love!"


(Back of typical all-natural child safety files)
(Back of typical all-natural child safety files)


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