Parlay the Greatest Impacts in Social Good

Prevention & Postvention

Granted, conflict prevention does not balance nor counterbalance any scale. But it does prevent children and the innocently accused from being burnt on the hot hinges of rusty gridlocks.

How are Clean Law practitioners and the new preventative area of family and social law different than conventional "family" law practitioners and their postvension area? The difference can be summed up in two words: Prevention and Postvention.

We all know what prevention is. Prevention is a lock on the door to keep danger out. Or sunscreen from keeping our skin from burning. Necessary tools and practices to keep us humanly safe when dealing with sometimes inhumane worlds. But what is postvention?

Postvention is intervention after the fact. Postvention is a lock on the door after the danger has already entered. Or sunscreen on our skin in the evening after we're already burnt. Unnecessary tools and practices that keep us in danger after already dealing with sometimes inhumane experiences.

Politics, riots, and divorce are all on the rise in the news. And in generation after generation, children are entrapped by these negativities now seemingly more than ever before.

But breaking the lingering gridlocks of entrapped mind-sets is not possible in America's plethora of postvention governmental systems. We'll never prevent one single divorce or one single social death sentence by falling into one postvention system after another. We'll never prevent the hiking of a football during Sunday's game by endlessly playing Monday morning quarterbacks.

Like postvention, playing Monday morning quarterback on an organized large scale can be thought of as a Backwards Bureaucracy. Whereas prevention on an organized large scale can be thought of as Forward Democracy.

From postvention-heads, we know, decisions and pathways to their decisions are hallmarked by voices and representatives of the strongest, loudest, and most well-funded factions.

From prevention-bodies, we know, all facts of realities and pathways to decisions are equally interpreted, clean, inexpensive, and clear. In other words, no football or expensive stadium and staff are required.

Clean Law is literally ultra-safety plus better than prevention. Like designing a lock for the front door but also monitoring the dangers in the community and what experience they have had breaking in. Or like designing sunscreen for the most intense day of the year and for the most sensitive skin. A necessary tool and practice to keep us all humanly safe when dealing with sometimes inhumane worlds.

Clean Law authentically prevents death, war, crime, and divorce. Others, well, they park gridlocks tighter and tighter until one postvention world or the other breaks. That's the difference between safer and easier preventative measures (a.k.a. "360-degree solutions") and dangerous/difficult postventions (a.k.a. "180-degree problems").

You see, Clean Law is in the middle of those conventional deals but with positive vibes. Unlike postventions, preventative measures are never vertically, horizontally, or situationally challenged. And unlike endless postvention scales and postvention contractual pathways, Clean Law co-scales, or co-justices very well.

Think of Clean Law preventative measures and promotion as a mobile smartphone compared to the classical telephone switchboard operators. While others are disconnecting to make "connections," we're connected making connections.

Wasteful politics, riots, and divorce are all on the rise in the news. Good certified stewards with Clean Law are preventive children from all those negating trap houses and pathways. Forward Democracy to endure all those Backwards Bureaucracies evaporating them like smoke from overheated scales.

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