Alienation Task Force

Updated: Jan 7

Prevention & Systemic Intervention

Alienations, like the hotly debated "parental alienation" children of divorce experience, are chronic patterns of deconstructive episodes for children according to contemporary doctors. Like a little puppy eating its food and one momma dog twisting its mind into believing that it's a steak and the same food with the poppa dog is a rotten apple. Scenes in which one parent has more influence and uses situational strategies and psychological operations (often called brainwashing) to distance a child from the other parent. Or, even to distance the child from the other parent's family members. But alienations take many forms in many different situations. But the youngest feel it the worst.

Childhood alienation

is the worst.

Children automatically

absorb upgrading/degrading


like a sponge.

Without anyone

being the wiser.

And leaving the victim

left holding the bag.

Stuck with the "stolen" goods,

taking the blame while

the perpetrator escapes

Alienation used to be thought of as shaming or roasting. People used it for what they may sometimes perceive as safety for others, financial security, or even for simply flexing power and control over other people with amusing joy. But it's evolved. Like thinking or saying "I'm better than you and you're a 'slave.'" ('Slave' because toxic labels tend to stick). But alienation of any kind can really cause problems. Remember the 'slave' label of people who were sentenced to death by concentration camps and inferno just because of alienation?

Like in the movie Waterboy with Adam Sandler. In one scene he stormed out of the classroom angry and ashamed because the professor said that alligators are ornery because of an enlarged medulla oblongata. But his momma said that alligators were ornery because they got all those teeth and no toothbrush. He was a slave to misinformation and alienated away from the truth. Albeit, his momma may have thought it was for his own good. But one little drip of alienation can cause a fire hydrant of pain.

Psychological operation?

Alienation, whether it's bullies intimating littler people on the playground, social name-calling, parental severances, digital divides, racial, gender, moral, or political differences are all starvation operations against the unfavorable side and overcompensating operations on the favorable side. It's common with academic rivals, professional divisions, or even broken relationships. We all experience alienation. But some more than others. Even to the point where it can cause distress, trauma, heartache, mental fog, and self-destructive behaviors. Impacts those causing the alienations will never have to see or fell.

This Prevention Task Force for clareity counts the cases and self-reports to prevent these unspeakable universal cancers of alienation.

Science has shows us that these victims who are in a vulnerable situation with even hints of alienation often have problems that make them cannibalize themselves. Like children of divorce who self-blame. Many testify that childhood alienation of one parent against the other is one of the worst. Eye witnesses say that it's one of the most painful forms of alienation. Children in those situations with ongoing operations can be endlessly cannibalized in many ways - psychologically, emotionally, socially and even financially. Children can grow up with feelings of betrayal from daddy dog trying to give them rotten apples per momma dog with her steak. And then when the child is older and realizes the plot twist, that both sides had steak all along, they feel betrayed a second time for having to always think about eating rotten apples that never existed. This happens when child support money is alienated, families, social groups, etc. Alienated victims can have their minds cannibalized on boths sides, their child support twisted, social groups turned inside-out like Waterboy, and families divided against each other forever. That's the trunk this task force opens up.

We all know the bully types. Who take away money. It's a sport to them. But it should be tracked, and maybe someday a crime to do to minors. Because a child's mind is a terrible thing to waste. And whild's support is a terrible thing to cannibalize. A child's family is a dangerous thing to allow being cannibalized.

Being estranged from a parent costs children any first-hand knowledge, understanding, and real world experiences that the other parent could have provided for free. A transfer of natural things that no one else can give in that special way. And instead, children can expect to be distressed when confronted with something that they should've already know but didn't. What if Adam Sandler's dad was a biologist and could have countered one drop of alienation? What if his dad had an operation of balancing those drops of information?

Alienated children will have to pay to learn something that they should've already had experience with. Even then, learning is not guaranteed. We should feel sorry for teachers who have students who've been alienated. We feel sorry the society we've let be created.

Escaping the internal conflict - hard!

The problem with our old parental alienation groups, "therapy," social justice movements, and even judicial exercises is that they are all either after the fact or else w-a-y after the fact. That's like offering us the opportunity not to have a baby when the baby's already born and growing. It's always too late to save alienated people. Therefore, prevention is the only logical answer to save lives.