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Updated: Aug 11, 2019

"Study the divide, own the Unite!"

We used to say "Study the divide and own the unite!" Meaning that if we studied the classical "family" law (divorce) "adult fighting file" system as families wrenched themselves apart, then we could develop an equal balancing system of reality sustaining families, especially the children, safely. That day has come.

Child safety filers in St. Louis build cushioning case files. We own the unite.

The invention of the patented child safety file system came about by thinking about boxing and dog fighting. What if children were tied to the winner and the loser in a boxing match but made to stay outside the ring? The one place where there's no slack. Similar to how children are legally bound to both parents in divorce deals. Likewise, what if baby puppy were chained to both the winner and the looser of a pit-bull fight but made to stay outside the ring when there's no slack? And you should be able to see that it's not a safe for children to be in case file systems and contract disputes this way.

Classical "family" law (divorce) is like the mighty Mississippi River with no bridges to see the shores on either side. Like saying, "Hey, lets go 'swimming' just to sink. It sends a mixed message for both parties to go towards "family," but then those shores never meet. It sends mixed messages for both parties to go towards "justice" for child support, but then what is spent and what is paid are never compared to see if they jive. It sends mixed messages for both parties to go towards "law" for visitation, but then what children need for their own personal health and activities are never proven to discover location and time efficiency. And the more you invest in it, the more the messages get mixed. It's not always safe being legally bound to these reality-challenged decisions. I told the judge in my case after ten years that a baby setter could have made a better decision back on day one.

Traditionally, if anyone tries to formally build a bridge connecting finances, time and reality on par with the two divided foundations of land, then those efforts are simply destroyed, flooded away and washed down the river. Case law supports this forever. Believe me, I've tried six times in civil cases to try and show how to build a simple bridge and each time my family and I were drained down the river.

But today we have what engineers use to build bridges. Today we have child safety file cases to build and get across those great divides. Not for the builder's sake, but for the safety of children's sake. Say good-bye to the ole permanent divide situations. It's fair competition time. And say hello to the new state-of-the-art safety bridges. You'll want to get your pens and your papers to work one of these files. It's a different mind-set. It's different training.

Sadly, we as a People have to start thinking about policy asylum. For me personally, the inventor of child safety files, I had one child who lived the best part of his young life bound to classical family law makings, its divorce court forms, filings, and "adult fighting file" contract disputes. And then I had another child whom I freed from classical family law making and gave asylum. In other words, I did not get him involved with the classical divorce court system. Sure, healthy sight, sound and touch bonds were disconnected in both cases. And even though my sentences were the same in both cases whether we to court or not, the child who had policy amnesty was spared the years of frustrating torment that my other child must've endured. However, this too left a gap because the benefits of those differences for next-generation safety could never be formally utilized on paper for policymakers. Enter: the child safety file system.

If we think of a challenging trial experience in life like a sports injury in say football, then there's rehab and then there's prehab. There's rehab after the fact and prehab before the fact. There are prehab exercises that one can do to prevent injuries and then there are rehab exercises one can do to recover from injuries. Child safety files are geared to develop the prevention area before trials. Policy asylum prevents a challenging situation for children and begins developing the prevention area. Whereas everything else is geared to create challenges and develop the trial and post-trial area.

Think of a family like a skyscraper. Break-ups, separations, and divorces with all their legal mechanisms make families deconstruct themselves. In the other area, engineers use scientific law to pre-design and build skyscrapers up. So, while families are tearing each other down, now the children can feel safer being built up and learning how they can skirt dangerous challenges. It's all about floating children through trials in their lives and offering feedback to make those trials not so risky. These two laws (a.k.a. "Double Family Law," or "Family Law 2.0") can even co-exist together seamlessly. Thank God.

We all want what's in the best interest of our children. Some of us just have different ways of showing it. A different way of viewing the rivers and the shores. A different way of taking families to the next level. A new way of policy making freedom. A prophetical new wine and new wine skin.

Own the unite!

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