New School Leaders

"Great things are in small places"

Really?! You might be saying to yourself. Even if there are great things in small places, how can leaders ever compete thinking this way?

The answer is new school. Times are changing. Times are always changing. It's the leader of leaders who see the heart, soul and great things in small places.

The word "Pushover" often sticks in our minds from when we were little children. "Pushover" was a word stuck in Jenny's mind as she held her head high and walked out of a meeting defeated. Jenny had just graduated college and was the assistant manager at a retail store where she supervised a group of middle-aged employees. Her employees tended to treat her like a daughter and spent their days chatting and taking breaks according to Landy & Conte (2013). After the defeating moment she assemble her team and told them, "I need to to do what you signed on to do. If not, you'll get a new manger who is not going to be as nice as I am" (Ming, 2005, p. 118). Twenty years later, Jenny Ming was the president of Old Navy and was listed in Fortune magazine's "50 Most Powerful Women in American Business."

There was a time when the world was considered to be flat. Christopher Columbus was once a new school leader who believed that great things could be found away from the status quote. They say that the best slice of steak is against the grain, the best cars are brand new, and the best heart for leaders have been sharpened against the grain and are brand new. America grew out of those who were on board with Christopher Columbus. America has maintained by the enduring passion that we continually see in the hearts of new school leaders.

The Washington Post calls the movie entitled Hoop Dreams the most powerful movie about sports ever made. In the movie, William Gates and Arthur Agee are rising high school freshmen who see basketball as a hopeful escape from their desperate circumstances in the city.

In the movie entitled The Bad News Bears, a hopeless Little League team from L.A.’s San Fernando Valley shocked and amused audiences around the world with its gritty portrayal of youth sports. Rolling Stones Magazine calls The Bad News Bears the greatest baseball movie of all times.

The point is, Americans seem to love the underdogs. We have a passion for rooting for great things in small places. For finding shiny diamonds in the rough. But then there are also new school leaders who stay behind the scenes. New school pioneers we rarely hear of, but who also find great things in small packages.

(Courtesy:, 2014)

Steve Wozniak, for example, may not be a household name. But Mr. Wozniak started the Apple computer in 1976 with Steve Jobs. He invented the Apple I and Apple II computers, which led the new school personal computing revolution. This new school pioneer some pretty amazing things in small places.

(Courtesy:, 2014)

Admiral Grace Murry Hopper was one of the very first programmers. She pioneered the COmmon Business Oriented Language (COBOL) and created the first compiler program. She popularized the term “debugging” after finding the first computer bug (literally) – a moth stuck in the contactors of a computer. This pioneer found some amazing, and weird things in small places.