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Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Organic childhood, family and community developments


Introducing the Warning Scale, empathy files, & double empathy remedy





The Worst Separation Pains Ever?

1. School Problems

2. Social Background

3. Landmark Research

4. Engaging Period

5. Profiling Severities


6. Behavioral and Academic Differences

7. Stress-Related Growth

8. Significance of the Problem

9. The Gatekeeping Process

10. The Gatekeeping Products

11. The Gatekeeping Environment

12. The Futile Re-Re-Re-Re-Redacted Life

13. Integrative Studies Relief


14. Engineered Design

15. Pre-Designing Thinking

16. Elementary Engineering Design

17. The Connection-Keeping Process

18. Connection-Keeping Products

19. Designing the Pain Squad App

20. The Connection-Keeping Environment

21. A Safer VPN Protocol

22. Clean Law - A safer private network (SPN)

23. Proof of SPN Organic Law Validatations

24. Child Safety "Empathy" Files - The Happy Scale

25. Conclusion

The Happiest Exchanges Ever?

26. Five Reason Why Organic Family Law Practitioners Can Charge More

1. Time Requirements

2. Innovation Demands

3. Assessing Each Families Risks & Rewards

4. Education

5. Economy

27. Clean Coin Exchange (CCE) & Training

1. A visual guide to the conventional “5 Coin Drain”

2. A visual guide to organic “5 Coin Plan”

3. “Heroes at law” milestones




Since the rise of military deployments, school strikes, social unrest, and divorce court battles, the psychological safety shelters associated with children involved with these high-conflict dissolution's have gotten thinner and thinner but are receiving increased attention by researchers. Proof from this future for them suggests that some children suffer more from these difficulties like parental separations than others (Tashiro et al., 2006). While new safety shields to better protect the middle are very much in queue. Introducing the Superdivergence Warning Scale, child safety "empathy" files, and "The Happy Scale."

"The Happy Scale"



The Re-Re-Re-Re-Redacted Life chapter of this book is but a brief part of my (Aaron Wemple) and of many other people’s life experiences with our various branches of schools and governments. Especially conventional family law and policy. Civilians like get routinely stained beyond stained in terms of our perceived “American Dream” (and then lack thereof), our perceived “family” sustainability (and then lack thereof), and in terms of our perceived “civility” (and then lack thereof). It's the reason why many of us have become “champions for children” instead and want every child to have a family. Even if it means phenomenal organic childhood, family and community developments.

When you’re a child and you dream of being an astronaut, you may never have the right steps presented to you along the way life to get you there as you grow up. And billions of different people are most likely going to mislead you away from your dream in a billion different ways.

And if you’re a child whose family is living on the edge of sustainability by being tried with a military deployment war or high-conflict divorce battle, and you dream of a day to stay connected to both of your first loves – both of your parents, then a billion different people, policies and positions are going to mislead you a billion different ways. None of them with authentic “connection-keeping” gravity.

(Source:, 2020)


Divergence Warning | Empathy File | Happy Scale (Source:, 2020)

24. Child Safety "Empathy" Files - The Happy Scale

Introducing organic childhood, family, and community developments. Like one of those steel-framed bicycle racks which intuitively represents a safe place to tie your bike to, a legal childhood frame of reference, a legal family of reference, and legal community frame of references are fitting. Any sustainable frame of reference represents itself. And unsustainable frames of references like court and framed divorced relationships or framed disputing organizations represent themselves. In other words, empathy files and "The Happy Scale" do not represent broken and divorced families. Nor do they represent broken organizations and communities.But the Happy Scale represents sustainable families and organizations. Constructive frames of references to compare to and engage with for organic developments.

More vividly, if a dancer on the television show World of Dance was never allowed to dance for those judges, then how could they ever develop? Wouldn't they feel more like they were getting punished and docked points if they tried dancing if that wasn't judged? So why are filestamps at the circuit clerk's office, legal written instruments, and judicial mechanisms/maneuvers judged but not a good childhood, good families, or healthy communities? Why isn't authenticity and a good frame of reference judged and recorder forever?

More sadly, if you chained your bike to a boxing ring and its rules, your child to a football game and its rules, your family to a soccer match and its rules, and your community to a battlefield with its rules, then logical, what's the only result? (Hint: Not childhood safety, family sustainability, or civility).

We all came from either one of two backgrounds. Either with our nuclear family attached or with our nuclear family separated for whatever reason. But imagine that you were in the second group of people with your family members bound detached from each other and an adversarial boxing ring and its rules, including hits, tricks, and "rope-a-dopes," were all that you had available to you tie the broken pieces of your home, income, retirement, and child well-being too. Wouldn't your bike and all those things be engaged to be torn apart?

More elementary my dear friend, sad puppy dogs need a happy scale. Sad kittens deserve a happy scale. And unlike our competitor's tool, children caught in the middle of family legal disputes and organizational legal disputes need a happy scale too. But how?

In two words: empathy files. You see, children don't choose the valleys of military deployment wars, high-conflict divorce battles, or even school strikes. These valleys choose them. The dissolving bikes and all those things choosing them.


Now people can get paid to balance the empathy file with the community-based "Happy Scale" ♥️⚖♥️. And children in the middle will be the benefactors.

So, how do you like to file your bike to future history, nixed-out dangerous or inclusive and safe?


Organic family sustainability multi-policy support at the tables


Decatur, IL - Organic Side-Law in practice. (Source:, 2020)



So go ahead. Launder the "law" v. "law" of the land. Heal divisional problems, prevent often traumatic pain, and develop safer private network (SPN) solutions. Without your help, sadly, then the bicycles representing local children, families and communities will only end being framed over and over again in problem situations like the color blue on top of black, ice in boiling water, or like blowing into the wind. Bikes that don't mean much, but to be dissolved.


Safer private practice/network


We can also look at the problem of mix-matching family unsustainability and the solution of matching family sustainability like the electrical power grid. What if the power coming off of the grid where unsustainable to all the appliances plugged into it? And what if we never worried about it and just kept ruining appliance after appliance without ever trying to measure or balance loads?

Think of the conventional "family" judiciary grid across the country, cases like divorces or parental agreements. Do these over burden the children? Do we ever balance the power between the authors of their lives and these voiceless subjects? I feel like it's safe to say that we could be ruining appliances.

The judicial grid example warranting the need for side-law fits every child in America who is plugged into their own parenting plan or divorce agreement. Roughly 2.2 million children in America according to the U.S. Census. Every step that they make in their daily life, and decision that is made for them, is attached to this judicial grid. For example, when I personally was a young bicycle, or a new appliance and my dad had me but said that mom broke a rule, then that shocked me. I mean literally. Of course, I was probably more emotional than other kids. But it seriously sent a painful shock wave of electricity down to my core. My bike all of a sudden didn't fit in the rack. I mean I felt the ripples of that gavel coming down, again and again, smacking the hardest smack in the county this side of the left-half of my brain.

And when I personally was a young bicycle, or young appliance with mom and she said that dad didn't pay child support or half of a bill like the judicial grid was pre-wired, then I was terrified of anticipating the pain. That shocking feeling that always kept me recoiled on both sides of my brain. What's that do to a county community?

As adults trying to be "champions for children" in our local support group, while also trying to protect the youngsters, we didn't know it at the time, but we were starting the first safer private network (SPN), or "smart grid" for family sustainability. One that's childproof and shock-resilient. Which, by the way, has also shown to help deployed military families. Some who also experience the rise rate of divorce on time of multiple deployment disconnections from their families.


Imbalance Hurts | Fairness Heals


So when the shock settles down and denial is no longer in a closet, then we'll finally have to ask ourselves: Will the Happy Scale also be as much of a judicial grid?


Division Hurts | Unity Heals


"Empathy" Files - The Happy Scale!


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