Joint Family Abilities

Updated: Feb 29

"Consider unity before division gate"

Advanced safety questions to consider for you and your family's futures.

To bling-bling or just ding-ding?

Before a parental separation or a family divorce of any sort, is it right to bling-bling a child's record?

Before deconstructive legal marks on your child's permanent record, is it appropriate to bling-bling their record?

Before mail delivery that burns due to interception, would blinging a child's feelings help?

Before a parent's phone call to their child is spurned, bling their record?

Before a gift to your child is rejected, bling-bling their record just in case?

Before parental alienation sets in for good, bling their record to be safe?

Before front-doors are never answered, bling their record to show love?

Before educator avoid an unfavored parent, bling-bling their record with support?

Before social media blocks family, bling their record for care?

Before the eye of a family law storm hit-hits, bling-bling them for safety?

Before false accusation hit, bling for authenticity?

Before a life sentence over a misleading indictment, bling-bling a different record for permanent balance?

Before a collateral life sentence on top of one life sentence besides a false accusation, maybe at least bling-bling their file of hope?

Before your children are entrapped to wrongful hits, maybe bling-bling their record straight?

Before blank spots, file up?



We hope you never have to experience the Clean Law difference, but vertical gaps between judges and children, horizontal differences between opposing case law party conduits, situational differences in perspectives, and longitudinal time pinches hurt us all because statistics show that these children are more susceptible to behavior problems, drugs, alcohol, early teen pregnancies, incarcerations, etc.  (Who wouldn't try to escape those realities?) The Clean Law Difference enables safer justice without the expensive law degree or retainer fee. A set of products and services like a safety dial for your custom childproof policy depending on the dangers and difficulties faced.  


Hurt people tend to hurt people. That is streamlined by conventional "adult fighting files," and negligent "family" law v. law justice. People are figuratively squeezed to bleed all over other people, even the littlest children, but who'll never have a seat at the table of decisions as is. And bigger and bigger money goes to paying bigger and bigger squeezers. Worse than David v. Goliath with David in a blender and Goliath pushing the buttons, don't be left out and withdrawn. Be included instead and full-drawn organically.

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