Joint Family Abilities

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

"Consider unity before division gate"


Advanced safety questions to consider for you and your family's futures.

To bling-bling or just ding-ding?

Before a parental separation or a family divorce of any sort, is it right to bling-bling a child's record?

Before deconstructive legal marks on your child's permanent record, is it appropriate to bling-bling their record?

Before mail delivery that burns due to interception, would blinging a child's feelings help?

Before a parent's phone call to their child is spurned, bling their record?

Before a gift to your child is rejected, bling-bling their record just in case?

Before parental alienation sets in for good, bling their record to be safe?

Before front-doors are never answered, bling their record to show love?

Before educator avoid an unfavored parent, bling-bling their record with support?

Before social media blocks family, bling their record for care?

Before the eye of a family law storm hit-hits, bling-bling them for safety?

Before false accusation hit, bling for authenticity?

Before a life sentence over a misleading indictment, bling-bling a different record for permanent balance?

Before a collateral life sentence on top of one life sentence besides a false accusation, maybe at least bling-bling their file of hope?

Before your children are entrapped to wrongful hits, maybe bling-bling their record straight?

Before blank spots, file up?


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