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How to Survive Hell’s Motor with Heaven’s Oil

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

By Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer Maria Linares

Since the rise of deployment and divorce wars, the extremely complicated battle that exists within family law systems is escalate similar to modifying a V8 car engine. Where the people who are below the system of laws (namely, petitioner and respondent) would be the pistons or connecting rods, which absorb all the heat from the system, and the forgotten area would be the children, or crankshaft.

V8 - Family law v. law system

Now, if moms, dads and children in family cases want to avoid an overload of heat from the engine, then lawyers and concerned citizens can now offer Clean Law SPN, which is a kind of an extremely safe protective shield with fully refined motor oil, which contains a really innovative built-in cooling system that prevents damage to human parts. It's not only responsible for the protection and cooling of figurative connecting rods and bearings, but also protecting, saving and recovering any damage in the crankshaft and power-train of society. All this will avoid thermal breakdowns of our family, hence social vehicles.

Family law v. law (with baby on board)

During up and down transitions, the area where the pistons, connecting rods, and bearings are located are outside the scope of the fuel inlet, outlet, and circulation of the consuming fire within the system. These older systems work like “V0” lower engine pieces trying to support all the loads of a “V10,000” cylinder on nitrous (NOS) – a.k.a. “Hell’s Motor.”

Law v. Law modified

That is why clients of legal professionals and the general public alike are interested in this new network and have the same frequent questions to the Clean Law team of writers: What is it, what is it for and how does it help us to have this SPN in our lives? "

Well, first of all, people generally tend to think of SPN as representing a kind of refined motor oil and network for cars that have extremely high mileage at the bottom of their engines and as an external coolant that is placed directly into the bearings of the engines, connecting rods, that is, the oil network becomes a “main vein”. But the reality is very different. The SPN system is innovative and intellectual safety responsible for avoiding any type of damage that may cause any inconvenience to the safety of the engine. As mentioned above, this system is designed to significantly reduce the heat and friction generated by the pressures of law enforcement battles, which could lead to serious injury or even death, as well as psychological like confusion, depression, anxiety, and suicide attempts.

What are "heroes at law" filing?

So, why keep modifying a problem-ridden 180-degree “V” motor, when we can now pivot and take our cases to the more reliable and safer 360-degree “oil” solution? Introducing “heroes at law” practicing in the SPN and organically saving families. This is literally making a change, a better choice between "life or death" and "life with open access and choices." I think we all know the answer to this choice, but just the same, you decide!

You decide

To better understand another case, let's take as an example, if we take an engine that has SPN oil and another one that does not, or better yet, let's do the following imagination exercise: imagine that someone kidnapped your child or your favorite pet and you feel totally frustrated, confused and especially very angry. Well, this that you are experiencing within yourself, within your psyche, is a blank spot or a pain point that is burning in flames. With the “adult fight file” system alone used in court battles, the modified cylinders increase friction and the possibility of breakdown from friction. This system of law v. law is so focused on itself that it does not stop and smell the oil until some part gets burnt, gives up or just breaks. This is what we know as the system without new organic safety files. For families of divorce or separation issues, it’s like trying to ride one bike in opposite directions peddling money, energy, children, and everything else as hard as they can.

Blank spot, pain point, burning up safety at both ends

Now, let's imagine something different: imagine that someone congratulated you on the excellent job you are doing in raising your child or your pet and you are really happy about it. If you do not have a good SPN, the rest of society does not realize this. Currently, society is only responsible for listening and seeing en masse all the news or events about the combustion of each angry cylinder. The common news is like "There is no money in safety oil", while there really is no news and no money in systems destined to educate children that are completely healthy and happy.

You decide

It is not only because the prevention of an event or a breakdown does not pay enough, but also because the judgments of lawyers and judges are based on jurisprudence and the mechanical framework of the past case law, that is why prevention will never be a visible event. That is why we must incorporate into the system an SPN that takes care of all this.

Therefore, you must take excellent care when navigating through life and remember to use an advanced SPN if possible. Motors, whatever they are, are loose and can be modified very easily. Which is bad for little bearings.


Imagine if you could be the "v" and the "VIP", you could be nothing, just as you could be the best. You could be the invisible subject capable of enduring the law! that A "hero of the law."

Sadly, a high percentage of people involved in family law judicial proceedings against legal proceedings in a trial, eventually become unsustainable in terms of economic, emotional, mental health, social, and any other element that it could be on the table. Such are the struggles against the legal system. Just as we observe two boxers in a boxing ring, who after different fights throughout their respective careers, are susceptible to having certain types of mental illnesses caused by a large number of blows received.Please pray for these parents who have unmet needs. This is the main reason why highly qualified and duly licensed professionals are needed to prevent any type of mental breakdown and who can organically counsel those who risked too much in their lives.

In a recently published survey of people from nine counties in central Illinois, it was found that 80% of the people who are directly involved in cases in which family law is fought against the legal judicial system do not have the same safety nets that other accused criminals possess. That is to say, it was like when they did not have a registered lawyer because they were poor and they did not have the right to bail when they were charged with accusations. The basic “rights” of the system that Luciano (2010) admits are unsatisfied. For their part, other people can argue some rights that are aligned with the country's constitutional due process and have a totally real argument. But, to try to meet as many of their unmet needs as possible, Clean Law donates 100% of the proceeds received from licensing to the CLU parents group who have the right to have counsel when they are poor, to a correct surety policy when they are victims of accusations, for computer training when hearings are online, and for technical support in different software platforms for correct communication (Zoom, Efilings, etc.) when preparing for the field. As well as any other type of unmet, legally disabled needs.The value of time, children, money, people, property and standards attached to each case should be data for more accurate justice that we can all benefit from.

And if you want to have a system that helps prevent crime, injustice, and family unsustainability, Clean Law offers you a rewards program called the “Clean Coin Exchange”, which can help families stay together and avoid Hell’s motor. This is mainly because there is no money in the motors for preventing divorce or preventing crime. And those third party businesses from the different digital platforms, like Zoom, modify the cylinders of the V8 community and have more right to a day in court (absolute) than any victim of any particular crime or divorce. (Although local people pay the taxes of the courts and not of the modified businesses).

These are the primary reasons (in many cases vital reasons of life or death) why we must implement in our lives the use of the Clean Law SPN if you want to obtain a safer intervention than that promoted by the laws of industrial force against the system.

With Heaven’s SPN:

  1. People in the community will be able to understand the laws that directly affect or benefit them.

  2. People may begin to be a little more receptive to the actual situation they are in.

  3. Increase the personal empowerment of each of the affected individuals so that they can authentically defend themselves and improve themselves.

  4. Longitudinally (over time), the SPN do not translate into court records of family unsustainability, but a new economy in the space of childhood safety, family sustainability, community development, more accurate justice, and crime prevention.

The courthouse industry, that is, the legal industry represents approximately 5% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States of America. And even though the legal industry accounted for $1,050 billion of U.S. GDP in 2020, the gap between "family law" and the "national legal system" was drastically diminishing and what seems like a tailspin. Because this specific circulation was supplemented by $ 11 billion from the federal government (Gormley, 2020; Section 8-Child Support Enforcement Program, n.d.). This results in a breakdown knowing that the engine rods are knocking. It's a lot of NOS used at the worst times.

The new “Child Safety File” oil is unique and different that federal NAS because they’re customized for each molecule. You will see that not everyone has the time, patience, or resources to pay for this big change. But those that, if they can accept it, are the most significant areas of the United States to reside. It is, for example, like deciding to ride in a new Hummer or continue riding in a 200-year-old buggy. Another reason why it’s vital to promote the development and use of the above-ground SPN system.

Different mods burn up the motor, the rod and rod bearings. But non-modifications never keep up nor see daylight. So if ever the rods in the industrial size V8 were about to give out, it’s today. A final reason why common guys and gals are teaming up to reduce the friction together. Themselves preventing nuclear family breakdowns from the bottom-up. Which is making organic childhood security, family sustainabilities, and crime prevention possible to have access into the broader picture.

That’s how to find safety in hell’s motor with Heaven’s oil.

V8 NOS Organic SPN


Protect yourself and your little bearings from mounting adult pressures that may plague them. You can check your possible psychological risk factors by clicking on the following link:

And remember that, unlike conventional psychology, the SPN system is associated with maintaining connections, joy, security, and happiness. The Clean Law SPN offers you various intellectual and innovative ways or ways to cool and hold together inferior components before, during, and after courts of conflict that have been drastically modified. See what preventing or reducing the risk is like at

Licensing & Counseling

To prevent further breakdown of vital parts, Clean Law is an SPN together with family law offering B2B (business-to-business) licensing and B2C (business-to-customer) counseling. Both within it's very own SPN. That's its boundary outside of conventional law v. law systems. But the best part is the Clean Law business model. Not only is it like 23andMe which prevents physical health issues, the SPN prevents crime and donates 100% of the licensing proceeds to help other organic families survive and keep things together while they’re experiencing V8 motors on NAS. It's not inside the conventional court and clerk's area, but outside and private. After all, we don’t don’t have to see the fighting and modified powers when we can feel it. That’s what we’re fixing. We only need to test, groom and shield out legal, social and psychological DNA knots where family roots used to be in order to keep us all running safely. That's the new economy. That’s Heaven’s oil.

You decide.



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