How Division Bots Can't Get Your Hearts Desire

Updated: May 15, 2021

Lately, you've probably seen a lot of gloom on TV and felt like we're doomed because of it. But even though there's all kinds of divisions, some very special kids want to help get you through.

Young girl pitcher

Whether it's a smartphone or app driving us crazy because our devises are always spamming us, or no one will show us the video facts of deadly street clash until years down the road. Having us plugged in 24/7 like robots makes us irritated. This way of life seems to be taking over the world and destroying humanity from the inside-out.

I, for one, welcome our robotic overlords ;-) However, many of us have discovered new takes on it.

Technology is your friend (at least sometimes). In fact, if used right, it’s probably the best friend you’ll ever have (besides a comfort dog).

While you sleep, spend time at work, or play an important part in society it keeps working on the boring stuff like gather information for us. On things like having all your family's pictures together on Facebook. Things like seeing what everyone is up to at your convenience. Completing tasks for opportunities in your life that were never been there before. And it doesn't call in sick or take vacations.

Some people, however, let technology take over the entire family or their entire organization. They're always asking us things like, "How do I automate my family court debate?" or "How do I create legal hacks that do all the justice for me?"

So I like to think of our unity-keeping as augmentation rather than complete automation. Here's what I mean by that. If you've ever watched any of the Iron Man movies you'll know the character Tony Stark. He's a geeky scientist but basically an ordinary guy. He uses technology to create a suit that gives him superpowers which turns him into Iron Man.

Iron Man

As Iron Man he can fly around, shoot lasers at his foe, and do all sorts of cool superhuman stuff. Things we sometimes wish we could do.

But the key point is that the technology augments his skills and abilities, rather than replacing them.

The ironic thing is that the more bravado we seek to gain from technology, then sometimes the further away from helping ourselves we get. It's a disservice to our psychology and to our safety to be locked into automation thinking instead of augmentation.

We can't automate a future speech in court that we don't know yet how will play out. The only thing we do is prepare. Prepare while staying flexible and resilient for anything. We can't hack one legal claim or one specific case law and expect all future obstacles to come tumbling down in our favor like dominoes. Where in the end you'll be the one raising your arms like a champion. All we can do is roll with whatever. And we sure can't fix the internet when it breaks apart with static during our virtual hearing in front of the judge or presentation in front of the teacher at school. We can't get a different Iron Man when technology distorts and looses our own legal efilings or academic homework. All we can do is be resourceful and navigate those issues as nicely as possible when they smack you in the face like bullies do when they grab your wrist and make you smack your own face.


Being resourceful is your augmentation. You are Iron Man!

Well, although this isn't really Iron Man thinking, augmentation, not automation, is reality. This is where superheroes are made. From Mark Zuckerburg with Facebook to Elon Musk with Tesla and good parents everywhere. Only you can be their superhero into the future!

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