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How Colleges and Parents Are Unmasking Their Students Best Futures Possible For Valentines Day

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

"We're all in this together. Well, kinda'"

Valentine's Day Unmassacre
Valentine's Day Unmassacre - together


Introduction: Happy V-Day & some fun facts about Valentine's Day!

The law is a complex field with many different baskets. Legal systems are constantly evolving, but the legal profession and family gaps both need to keep pace with reality in order to be successful. In order not to burn too much rubber where it meets the road.

Lawyers are not always good at implementing scientific principles, and engineers are not always good at understanding family law. That's why colleges like SIU-E are starting to offer degrees that blend those two fields of academic law - scientific and family - in practice for future benefits. While peer parents are also out on the streets absorbing (or ironing out the hard way) those two laws. Peer-to-peer groups like CLU innovates developments in what they say are missing hollow spots in data and data metrics, or at home "clean data." (Think of healed children after being bound to two locomotives at the same time that are miles apart and heading full steam in opposite directions). Like a real red rose for Valentine's Day. Not the concocted artificial "flowers" we're used to.

What does the internet tell us about unmasking Valentine's Day?

It is a new and exciting field and social practice that is only just beginning to be explored. The law can be seen as a set of rules and regulations, but it is also a tool for justice and social change. This academic duality has been recognized by the legal community for decades, but it has not been viewed in the same light by the scientific community. Yet, without a triple purpose, a myth busting of sort, how can real-time clarity ever have a voice in decision-making? Can a parent who filed into court for divorce ever go back in time, document the reality of the issue, go through college, get a degree, pass the bar exam, and then present the pertinent information in front of a judge?

As technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, so too does our understanding of how science, dual law and real-time data all intersect with one another. As such, we are seeing an increasing number of lawyers who have scientific backgrounds, engineers who have legal backgrounds, and organized peer parents who need to stay safe and want nothing to do with either school of thought.

The origin of the red rose - why is it so popular? The red rose has been a symbol of love since the 12th century. It is believed that the Crusaders brought the flower back from their campaigns in Asia Minor and Syria. In Medieval times, knights would give them to their ladies as a sign of passion and devotion.

Red Roses

In Victorian times, giving a woman a red rose was considered an act of true love. In some parts of Europe, it is still customary to present a bride with a bouquet made up of one red rose for luck.

The origins of the red rose are unknown. However, there are many legends about the symbolic meaning of

this flower. One legend says that a young man was in love with a girl he met at church, but he could not find the courage to speak to her. One day when she was walking by his house, he threw a red rose over her head and she understood his feelings.

There are also other legends that say that when Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, He carried a white rose in His hand as a symbol of purity and innocence- which is why it is often worn by brides on their wedding day. The red rose has also been used as a symbol for martyrs who have died for their cause.

The symbolism of the red rose is often some form of love. But, does it too have duality?

A rose by another name

The term "kiss of death" is used to describe a situation in which someone or something has been doomed to fail. This term originates from the biblical story of Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus Christ with a kiss. The phrase was popularized in the 20th century when it was used to describe the role of the studio executive, who had final say on whether a movie would be made or not. This "kiss" means to bring about the end of something.

The word "rose" as figurative "kiss of death"
The word "rose" as figurative "kiss of death"

The phrase originated in Ancient Rome where it was used to describe an emperor’s decision to approve or disapprove a gladiator's life. If the emperor approved, this would be like giving them a 'kiss' and they would live to fight another day. If he disapproved, this was like giving them the 'kiss of death' and they would die in combat.

Roman Colosseum

In modern times, it is often used in reference to a sports team that has been defeated by a rival team, which is seen as being an indication that they will not win any more games for the season. Likewise in “family” law versus law cases and corresponding industries. "Wins" and "loses" validate themselves on paper, records, and often times in priming future "answers" to similar vital questions.

judge gavel

"Roses are red, violets are blue, my kid can litigate better than you!"

out of sight, still shine.


The "rose" by another name - ghosting

Ghosting is a phenomenon that has been around for a long time, but it's only recently been given a name. It's when someone you're in a relationship, school, deal or negotiation with abruptly stops all communication without any warning.

Ghosting is a way of ending negotiations that's becoming increasingly popular. It can be done via quasi-evidence or made up social media data, and it leaves the person ghosted feeling hurt, confused and legally bound, in that arena, to the same. And many times, with terms on the rise like Parental Alienation and blocked parenting (where one parent blocks the other on all platforms of communications), it’s children who feel the bounds to this chaos forevermore.

Childhood Roses

This is a section about people like children who are not represented in society. As their future lives play out in court. The opposite of the intent behind giving someone you love a red rose. More like the ghosting you feel when others who are in partnership and guiding your dreams leave you out. And the need to fill in that lack of transparency gap. For unghosting the kids with their parental partners in life and circumstantial deals.

There are many types of people who are not represented in our society. Some of them because they do not have the resources to retain an attorney in "family" law deals, others because they are un-righted as far as Due Process, and still others because they are disenfranchised or lack digital access when hearings and filings are digital. People who are ghosted and feel it, but no one would ever believe them over the resulting decision.

We're all in these masks together: Colleges and parents unghosting our students best futures possible

Peer parents have offered an olive branch time and time again to colleges. Both academically and by patronizing those industries that students work in after school. To see if the two fields could work together to iron out the differences. Yet, it's the value of peer parents that have discovered the million dollar differences in each case. Their trifecta is being delivered on.

United CLU parents are making a difference. A difference that's been valued at $2,000,000 per case. And framing deals again to colleges because you know what? What if students were only taught to work on one brand of car, instead of different brands? And what if that one brand was a Fred Flintstone car, instead of a state-of-the-art electric vehicle? Who shouldn't diversify?

What if colleges could no longer teach future practitioners because their decades old school books hold them and reality back? Burning too much rubber in the form of time, effort, and money where those old thoughts meet the new roads. Wouldn't that be disenfranchising students' futures before they start? Ghosting their future skills and information they need to make healthy parental deals?

"Roses are red, violets are blue, SIU-E students are smarter than SLU!"

The details show that all CLU is saying is let parents help students get a leg up on the competition? Fill in the missing gaps with real-time information.

After all, we're all in this risky world together. And we already use child safety seats to protect our vulnerable children from potential car accidents. Why not consider child safety files socially, emotionally and financially from potential life wrecks like divorce? DNA safety in the isle might just be as important some day as free ongoing exaggerations on both sides of the isle.

S H U S H E D - The Science of the Deal
S H U S H E D - The Science of the Deal

In the book Shushed, it explains what's called the supervoid recovery steps evidently needed to recover from what SIU-E teaches its engineering students as law and what previous family students later enforce in "family" court. Which, obviously from the cover itself, is hazardous not to know there's a difference between the two. Which is particularly concerning if children are on line. The author who discovered this flaw in the "law was in a place in life where everything was on the line like his house, children, car, and finances, but was subject to both at the same time. Which did not lead to a bright future.


Comparison Trap

Looking at any basketball court or sports colosseum, we realize there are fans. Fans with different levels of buy-ins, but with only two sides at a time to go for.

"Family" court fans everywhere are likewise realizing the comparison trap, as opposed to seeing what's really going on outside the stadium. Which is a potential "home field" advantage for any new authors in "family" court to fall into. Yet, is that academic and legal? Goodbye "versus" and Your Limited Algorithm. Hello unversus, Family Sustainability & Child Proof Data!

Because if they could create legal documents, arguments and supporting case promenades in all these overlapping toxic title waves of comparative authors, adversarial courtroom tables, chairs, representatives, pens, computers, Motions, Answers to Motions, etc., what can lead to a lack of motivation to find justice, truth and facts, eventually we could start seeing results people can anticipate.

Peer Parents Escape Data and Information From The Traps By networking outside but along with these comparison traps, anyone can be like parents rescuing their children before it's too late. I always imagined my son trying year after year to throw a baseball to his father. Yet, we were both forever ghosted from each other. Each longing for those normal experiences turn their heads in shame, walk away sad, and get condemned by society as a whole when they ever mention those hurt feelings. Who do you know ghosted? People everywhere are getting focused like CLU on real best interest details. Rather than following blank algorithms blindly that are blueprinted for pens, tables and papers to track with instead. Together CLU peers cover those hollowed-out feelings of being ghosted into love. Ghosted feelings times infinity and beyond, like my boys and I, into feelings of safety, security, and positivity times infinity and beyond.

Team CLU is the only organization designed to lien in favor case cavities in the duality, or comparison traps, of politicking. In the cavities, or duality, or comparison traps of high conflict divorce, parental alienation and ghosting kids. And even parental separation extremes.

CLU is an authentic red rose. Bolstering organic love or perceived love when that's available to pivot those poisonous feelings. And a shared community consciousness of the same when it's not to help too.

Unadulterated CLU is known for its duality of love and positivity parentally, socially, emotionally, academically, financially, psychologically, and even legally.

Someday we'll all have to ask ourselves, why are only a hand full of the estimated 2.2 million children and 1 million unrepresented parents involved in divorce very year going from hollowed-out to promenade? In the mean time, why are even vulnerable children self-reporting they feel so much safer with CLU on the case? Why are parents saying its openest access Family Law 2.0 ever and with childproof deals? Well, it's not because of those lack knowledge gaps in case cavities between two main branches of otherwise healthy nuclear families.

Axe-cluded Data

Perhaps united CLU parents will remain ghosted like these fields of students. Maybe not. But let's face it, without this triple purpose law diversity, Pre-law advances itself with the ills of society. People involved with divorce, death and lawsuits.

One "family" law in action
"Family" law versus law in action

But other law, like SIU-E teaches engineering students, capitalizes on constructive things. People involved with building, connecting digital networks, and creating electric cars.

Second law (absolute) in practice
Second law (absolute) in practice

CLU peers may not cut others down nor build things up, but they know healthy children and families compared to unhealthy kids and families. People involved with getting by, cooking food, and taking care of a puppy.

Another quagmire about the duality of law is, to electrical and computer engineers, it's malpractice to break circuits and similar elements. That's like a broken phone. They're in the business of connecting circuits and data waves.

But to lawyers, it's malpractice to connect families and similar cases. That's like a divorce. Two fields that are directly malpractice to each other. I just don't understand why it's okay to teach students Fred Flintstone style, knowing it'll be enforced, and the other safety measures are off the table? Like, why not fix broken phones too instead of just breaking them more?

Sadly, however, only the "rose of death," "family," or one law is taught in schools to be penned in court (and enforced). The other, without CLU peers, is off the table of decisions.

Bitter academic break-up protocols now with a side of clean data clarity.
Bitter academic break-up protocols now with a side of clean data clarity.

For peer parents and children, I guess, malpractice would be living beyond one's means. That's like ordering too much food for dinner. They're in the business of just getting by, and trying not to do too much extra they can't afford.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, wild axes can hurt, me and you!"

lost the wheel? Justice at your table too!

It can take literally less than one word for someone to be cut down, ghost, ganged up on, and trap someone else on pare in family court like concrete shoes. That's why the CLU peer-to-peer network was designed. To keep themselves out of the traps and safe. Because technically, "family" court is full of innocent people, not criminals worthy of dual cutting actions.

Happy Valentine's Day!

CLU would love to invite you to our free event showing the results and reviews of blending those two different "law" practices professionally. (Just click the image below for the event).

After all, there's one answer to the rose problem, the "family" law versus law problem, even the college "law" problem, and that's Jesus.

Christ outlines his values and priorities in Heaven in Matthew 5:3-19. What he calls Least Commandments. And in John 15:13 Lord Jesus says, "You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you."

Who do you know that needs unroses today?


What parent-child relationship do you know that needs unmasked, unghosted, unalienated this Valentine's Day?