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Updated: Jan 2, 2020

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I think it's in our DNA. We like new things. I could explain ten ideas that I had and you would have ten new ideas about my old ideas. And vice versa. Thinking brand new is really in our nature. But buying into it, well, now that's a different story.

It's hard to go out on a limb, so to speak. Especially if you're a baby duckling. And it's hard for fossilized outstretched arms to pivot even an inch to include new rules. For example, if you're an MMA fighter and that's all you've ever known to do to win, and keeping your hands together means loss, then why in the world would you put your hands together like in the picture above holding a duckling? Wouldn't that be like trying to lose? Our habits sometimes tell us to fight, even when we know that we should hold. Changing our behavior does take time and effort. But adjusting the game is a new reality.

The Cleaning Business

Clean Law is a publisher, social enterprise, and family trial research group. Our objectives consist of turning unhealthy blindspots into healthful light with affordable decision-making assistance, balanced psychology and safety files for the separated and vulnerable due to withdrawal, low self-esteem, divorce, institutionalization, divisive policy making, contract strike, wars, rumors of wars, etc. In all, holding our new little ducklings safe so that they become beautiful swans instead of ugly casualties. Enjoy the achievements rolling while the storms wax and wane.

What files you?

Clean Law offers several products, services, and safety policies from a "secret sauce" of positive psychology and classical family law for next-generation sustainability. Our "wetreasure" app is the Christian witnessing platform that pays. Our patented child safety file system for divorce and divisive policy is autological. Just like the clients and communities can be for those smart and safe professionals who license with us.


Millions of people feel left out. "Files of hope" brings them in. Add value filling in your client's or community's blank spaces smartly and safely.


With our patented safety file system, parents and professionals trade in any stigma decision-making (SDM) process with smart research, fluid data, and safety probability decision-making (RDP) support.


Whether you're a judge, lawyer, state representative, parent, board member, teacher, preacher, or adolescent, your clients and community will fill in the blanks of separations and indecisions with "files of hope." Blending old ugly law and policy with beautiful new cleanlaw.today


Our products include apps, books, blogs, magazines, and apparel. Our services include education, training, and licenses for our child safety file system. To imagine a child safety file, think of a child safety seat during a car wreck. That's like a child safety file during a life wreck like divorce or high conflict contract or policy making.


In essence, the mission of Clean Law is to breathe life into family law & policy blindspots. We accomplish this by monumentally holding on to what's most important during peaceful and trying times.


Clean Law's duel vision supports the dream of next-generation safety in authentic family law and policy. Family sustainability for adults, and positive psychology for children.


Bull v. Bear now with VIP treatment!

A new standard, safety law, and safety policy.


Clean Law was founded in 2018 but had been in suffrage for 40 years. A new standard was born out of necessity with legal innovations for enduring old blindspots.

The Safe Area in Battles

A physical injury can be thought of as a legal or political trial. And if we think of rehab after the injury, then the classical "fighting file" systems build evidence, value, and proof for the rehab area of law after the fact. Whereas child safety files are like prehab, or prevention before the fact. Old systems cannot authentically say this. Our new system, like a new pair of shoes, formally saves lives, builds value, provides constructive evidence, and proves accuracy of decisions and safety. The format of these files (minus any personal information) can even travel into hearings, trials, boards, etc. with other files. It's perfect for maintaining next-generation policy.

The New Childhood Sustainable Market

Re-imagine child protection. Cardinals play the Cubs, Rams play the Bears, Republicans versus Democrats, Plaintiff versus Defendant, that damn "vs." mechanism incubating what's thought of in psychology as oppositional defiance disorder (ODD). That dangerous "vs." contingency trap seems to be loved by all. But what's the score for the kids involved in those cases for policy makers to see? Is the gladiator arena the best that we can do?

The compulsory "vs." device could even be felt by children as neglectful to children no matter what court or arena it's used in. It's risky, some times endangering, behavior without a child safety file to code kids in where the power vacuum leaves them behind while forever feeling left out of decisions.

What if parents, professionals and policymakers could see clearly?

What if files of hope help created future of hope?

What if there was a safety shelter in place of that do or die "vs." mechanism? Children who've been through a high conflict divorce report that the old path of "v." is like a tornado that touches down in their lives and uproots everything around it, including judges. It destroys some of the best game plans, or parenting plans ever made says some legal scholars.

There are around 2 children per family and nearly 800,000 divorced families per year in the United States alone. That's roughly 1.6 million American children per year trying to prevent biggest pieces of their lives from being vacuumed away while also feeling left out and deprived of a basic safety file. A legal safety shelter during those legal tornadoes in their lives. We should all be ashamed. These vulnerable children deserve to be safe. They deserve better.

The Value of Our New Safety Area

What files you?

Value occurs, according to Bernardin & Russell (2013), when customers perceive that they receive more from their transaction with a provider than from his or her competitors. Like a fancy safety file folder for a special child instead of the old generic tan file folder for the parents. Ensuring that our customers receive better value from transactions requires all agents to be focused on understanding unique customer needs and expectations. With that said, every file, every report, and every form will most likely be unique and exemplary in many ways.

Value can be more complicated than it seems. Some customers seek out products and services according to the reputation of the organization providing those products and services rather than due to the price. Union workers, for example, share a common bond of supporting local labor. BAr associates share a common bond of supporting the "vs." court and mechanisms. Research in marketing shows that perceptions of quality are positively affected by affiliation.

Customers of Walmart, for example, not only perceive value but also actually realize value from Walmart in the form of price (Bernardin & Russell, 2013). The products and services are available in convenient locations, and prices are about 14 percent lower than its competitors'.

Clean Law adds value and is rated "excellent" by law websites because it's effective and it's here to hold children safe in family law and policy for next-generation policy safety. It's like a positive guardian for children during battles. Like a concrete and steel bunker during a tornado. Because all the other systems create blanks, separations, impasses, uprooting vacuums, and blindspots. So, why not have an aggravating tornado in one hand, and nice civilizing safety file in the other? Clean Law bets you like new things even when you're off to battle.

David v. Goliath now with preventative safety files

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Bernardin, H. J., & Russell, J. E. A. (2013). Human resource management: an experiential approach. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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