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Updated: May 3, 2020

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Many things in our lives are out of our control. And there are legal instruments which give us a voice in things like medical treatment after a severe illness. Still, there are no instruments that give children a voice in things like deployment, divorce, severe bullying, or parental separations.

Hi. I'm Aaron Wemple, founder of Clean Law, and not only do I want every child to have a family, but I want every child to have a voice. All proceeds from licensing Family Law 2.0 will be donated to CLU reuniting ministry for families who have to their own first responders. It's my mission to enhance our Lord's Least Commandments while giving others a set of instruments they need to give their children a voice and a family.

Throughout the course of CLU united parents, they see several blessings enriching the lives of children in the middle of divorce and deployment while also enhancing those families lives. My background is in engineering, and this unique perspective of scientific/Biblical law that constructs things like bridges in the middle of two river banks and grass growing from the soil is one that has never existed before. And the proof in in their milestones of blessed lives.

It saddened me for thirty years to see my own bright, talented family with very encouraging messages to share with my children not have acceptable instruments at the table of any decisions to get their heartfelt voice across. And these were adults. So, I couldn't imagine how much worse my two boys, who hadn't seen their family in decades, must've felt from not having any instrumental voice in the matter. I can't imagine what children of deployment must feel. It saddened me to no good end, knowing all of my heartfelt family losses were without remedy for decades.

There were times when I would talk back to the police, or stood up in court and took it out on the judge. Times that I would not be an accomplice to what I felt was a defrauding "family law" practice. I will never forget the feelings of sitting in jail, broke, in a wheelchair, isolated, having lost my kids, my job, my retirement, my education, my home, and not even having a restricted drivers license or restricted visitations to see my children. Time and time again decision-makers over these situations where completely void of my family's reality. That's when God had to move in and enhanced my spirit. It was time to visibly die the good fight and go out with my boots (or prison saddles) on.

Before the dogmatic standoff, I did try taking my issues with not having inclusive instruments through the civil court doors hoping to sustain my family. The risk of each filing was the catalyst for each new level of brokenness. Even though I waited until my oldest son was off of paper, I still feared for his life and for the lives of my other family members and friends during the standoff. Supposedly civil court decisions never once had an instrument for my voice, let alone for my children's voice or my family's voice. They've separate us so far apart with their instruments that any form of truly coming together doesn't fit.

But now, Clean Law instruments are everywhere. They have proven to help heartfelt families succeed and connect. Children are being heard for the first time ever with reported feelings like "Love Love" and "The best day ever." God has enhanced those families and the Least of Us more than we'll ever know. I am more grateful than ever for a company that allows me to finally live my life on God's terms. And I am super passionate about helping you do the same. Together, we'll help children find their own unique purpose from their pain. We'll transform families from old situations into high-definition experiences.

There's no big secret to creating a heartfelt family or business of your own. And there are many instruments now that will help get you there. If you can connect the dots, then you can live the life you've always dreamed of and enhance your family too.

It's your turn.

You can make amazing family experiences AND a wonderful private practice too!

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