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Life wrinkles - The Childhood Endangerment Issue

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

"No child left behind"


Be the revolution in child safety


Children don't choose the burials of divorce court. The burials of divorce choose them.


I read a funny joke online the other day. It said that one day a little boy named Joey came home from school and said to his mother, "Mommy, today in school I was punished and had to go to the principles office for something that I didn't even do."

His angry mother exclaimed, "That's terrible Joey! I'm going to have a talk with your teacher about this ... by the way, what was it that you didn't do?"

Joey replied, "My homework."


AR (Authentic Reality)

Maybe we're all guilty of not doing our homework. And burying the truth to cover it up. But, most of the time we don't run

to the hills far and wide outside of the school and publish it to the world before it gets graded in the classroom first. That's a train that once it leaves the station, then it can never come back and pick up any intentions left behind. Because once it's published, then that grade easily sticks forevermore.

Once parents leave the courtroom of divorce and no one sees what their children sees, then policies and practices likewise become invisible to each new generation. No one knows if any parent is doing their homework or not.

We all grew up in either one of two groups - Either with our nuclear family that was intact or with our nuclear family which was disconnected for whatever reason. And we see lawyers in divorce court along with legal cases battling in the second group dialing up the reports and gaming the system to their advantage. Cladding all of those current case files with past case laws. Never, above all, going back to reality to equally expose how or why the family and natural child safety ended in court. This creates a vacuum away from facts. Reality valleys for current and all future families. Like punishing future people outside of school weather or not little Joey did his homework today. A plot twist before he gets to turn it in.

Children sometimes survive these straight drains. And they often survive child support contract terms that don't jive with fluid reality. Little Lisa is more likely than not to survive a courtroom setting that neglects any comfort or security features. Children and the elderly people usually do survive those inhumane mechanisms and digital barriers of entry for defense that even computer engineers can't seem to navigate. And they may endure the concrete exit records. But make no mistake, punitive valleys do punitize even their victims to death. That's how the train rolls and there's no turning back.

A counter-balance that we also see is engineers designing all of their future construction projects like brand new smartphones, contemporary automobiles, modern skyscrapers, and new bridges on a CAD system after they're trained in the discipline of state-of-the-art scientific law from physics. Like Newton’s Laws of Motion and Ohm’s Law of electricity. For example, this year’s newest Apple iPhone was saved and upgraded along with consumer input from last year’s model. That's paying commonality forward. Classical family law and its politics pay impasses and valleys forward. We need a blending train. One looking forward and one moving backwards. Reverse engineering these compulsory valley's of death, divorce, politics, and policy-makings will ultimately be characterize by brand new traits. Including saved lives, more resilient children, effective taxation, improved climate, increased community safety, and children's well-being. New court order pays effective practices forward at the same time that ineffective practices are paid forward. Turning many child endangering pits into a blended safety place of gold for a new fabric of America.

Feeling the Difference

The American Psychology Association (APA) reports that Stress in America™ has been endlessly on the rise for decades now. 72 percent of Generation Z (those currently between the ages of 15 and 21) surveyed reported that gun violence (mass shootings and school shootings) causes them significant amounts of stress. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the growing death rates for children ages 10 through 24 because of suicide and homicide have tripled during the years of 2007 to 2017. Studies also show that young adults and adolescents involved with divorce show a significant increase in violent thoughts and a significant decrease in academic preparedness (Forehand et al., 1997). Knowing the dangers that are in store for children and not trying to prevent them is like knowing that lead, asbestos and poison ivy are in the paint at school and not doing anything about it. So, it's time for some new growth space. Perhaps vitalize the valley. Reverse engineering divorce will blend engineering with positive psychology for a brand-new market of Happiness in America™. Anyone can feel the difference.


Negative Space

They say that we’re a product of our environment. When we think about the classical family law practice and see the visible setting (court) that it operates in, then we can begin to realize why it may be ineffective for childhood happiness. In any church, the setting implies that people will listen while a speaker speaks. In school, the setting implies that students listen and work while teachers speak and write. The setting of the taxpayer’s family courtroom implies that parents are strictly divided while children are to be strictly left out. We see two tables set apart from each other for both parents, but we do not see a table for the children.

Positive Space - Negative Space - Positive Space

The BRIDGE court design flips the scripts on old-school VALLEY court schemes. In the art world, a positive space is within an image. Like the colored-in are of the two top tables above the line in the picture above. Whereas negative space is what’s around the image. Like the outline of the table not filled in below the line in the picture above. So, we can think of the two tables in a family law courtroom like the images set to be filled-in. Whereas the negative space is set to be never filled-in.

Positive Space - Negative Space - Positive Space

We also see two chairs for mom and dad in the family law courtroom, but we do not see chairs for the children. We see both sides with representation and a chair for their representatives, but no representative for the children or any chair for their representative to sit in. Mom and dad have fancy “Plaintiff” and “Respondent” party titles, but we do not see any party title or functional party group's for the children. We can also research case laws for both functional parties, but there’s no case law for the children. We see the two parents able to file motions and file answers to motions, but there are no documents that children can have filed or counter-filed in their behalf. We can also see a running scoreboard of who wins and who loses various issues in the online docket sheet, but there’s no scoreboard for the children. Classical family law is visibly ineffective for childhood happiness. In fact, VALLEY court may be more like a series of train wrecks bouncing back and fourth at each other preventing child safety from ever coming to light. Nor from ever being able to buckle child safety terms into the resulting contracts and policies. A different valley of child endangerment. It's elementary, the gaps in family law court & politics aggressively leave child safety behind.

Decision Tree


Negative People

Worst of all, classical family law system may be ineffective because it lacks the basic safeguards that even criminals are entitled to. ABC10’s Lilia Luciano (2018) reports that we may walk for a decade or two with parents through family court while never fully realizing that when they run out money, then they have no right to free counsel when they are poor. Luciano (2018) reports that truly innocent parents have no right to bail when one side or the other makes accusations. That family members have no right to a jury trial. There’s no right to transcripts, and no investigations to prove or disprove any claim. Even though family members have their, careers, education, retirement, and children all on the line. These are simple rights that even the world’s worst criminals are entitled to. Criminal law is obviously more effective at protecting its clients than family law is at protecting its clients. Criminals like Charles Manson have many more safety accessories in place for their lives than innocent family’s members do. People who just want to live a safe life can even be dragged into family court against their will and face these oversights.

Positive Space - Negative Spaces


Reverse Engineering Divorce

Everyone asks me, "How do you write so many clean laws?

Abraham Lincoln once said that the best way to predict our future is to create it. Webster’s Dictionary says that reverse engineering is to analyze a product or device in detail to discover how to replicate or improve the product or device. When we reverse engineer classical family law, then we can finally improve upon, even transfigure, that practice. And on May 3, 2018, a company call Clean Law launched the child safety file systems (a.k.a. Family Law 2.0) at the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. It aims to balance childhood negative spaces with positive spaces.

Negative Space - Positive Space - Negative Space

Positive Space Relief

In Geometry, we learn that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That makes sense and it can be infinitely proven an infinite number of ways. Likewise, we know that the shortest and most efficient distance for a child between two parents is a straight line. Financially, emotionally, and safely.

When we think about the new and authentic Family Law 2.0 (Wemple, 2019) practice, and see the visible setting that it operates in, then we begin to realize why it is effective for childhood happiness and stress relief. defines the word relief as the alleviation through the removal of distress.

During this new practice, we see a table in the front of the board room at a local community center in Decatur, Illinois. We see children sitting at that table with their parents showing the audience how they practice their own custom child safety file. We see a chair for the children to sit in at that table. We see mom and/or dad move to nominate their children for Achievement Awards, Homework Assessments, and various other forms. We see children represented by their very own parents or family members. We can research other case files for children to see what has helped them get past certain obstacles in their lives. We see a running scoreboard and even social media highlights of what children have accomplished. State-of-the-art Family Law 2.0 is visibly effective for childhood happiness. In fact, it’s like a shelter of safety even when lives wreck in divorce.

The U.S. Census reports that there are 1 million divorces annually and an average of 2.2 children per family. That’s roughly 2.2 million children annually who grow up within the negative spaces of classical divorce contracts (Including the framework and post-contract litigation's). A new law addresses those children and those family members while blending the two areas of engineering and positive psychology.

Positive People Relief

Family Law 2.0 may be effective because it initiates safety policies through children being authentically represented. And because it encourages positive psychology. There’s nothing negative encouraged to be in those files. Therefore, there are no charges that can be made, nor any need for bail, a jury, an investigation, etc.

Tipple Protection

Authentic Family Law 2.0 may be effective for having ripple effects into interpersonal stresses that may hit children of divorce and separation at home during their childhood. If children happen to be misinformed of a telephone connection attempt, the law says that the other parent still cares. If they are even accidentally starved of mail, gifts, social media connections, event schedules, pictures, friends, or relatives, then the new law gives them a way to always look back and know that they were cared for. These new experiences may cause future happiness. The Family Law 2.0 settings, safeguards, and interpersonal proofs may be highly effective for Happiness in America™.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, if that’s true, then it takes an underground village to raise underground families of divorce.

According to our local family trial support group, the benefits of practicing blended law have been vital and life-saving to many people. One father and myself often exclaim, “I never would have survived without it.” However, this is still a very hollow bases for Happiness in America™. Integrating engineering with psychology for this product will account for the effects of positive psychology as a research project or a business, and perhaps show classical systems, parents, and communities what they’ve been missing. Marketing efforts and response to marketing efforts could be analyzed and shared in the project. While any financial accounts can also be studied and shared. A business comparison would be like homes in earthquake zones, those families can’t have too many vertical supports in place. Whether it’s a house during an earthquake or in a family during a divorce. Vertical supports need to be part of the plan. Our business should even rate the severity of divorce cases like we rate the severity of earthquakes. It’s important to protect buildings of value and families of value.

"No child left behind"

New Growth Space


Since we all grew up with either our nuclear family intact or with our nuclear family disconnected, then it makes perfect sense to unearth the obvious challenges that's holding us all back as new nation. Childhood stress and death are at an all-time high. Likewise, insatiable “family” (divorce) law machines are known for deconstructing families in the name of family. Lawmakers may never get past this contortion and all of its superior twisting devices cancelling people. So, it's on us as a People to uncover ourselves.

And if policymakers, whether in court or the general assemblies, have access to the accurate positive psychology and predictive data like the child safety file system will provide, then we can start reigning the those dire statistics. Reverse engineering all of the vulnerable victims currently stuck in VALLEY courts. The new-school GRAND court design flips the scripts on the old-school VALLEY court schemes. Blending the constructive scientific law practice reverse engineering divorce and other divisive policies in a new, efficient, and easy way to ultimately uncover and reveal Happiness in America™.

Futures with hope in laws and policies start with Clean Law files of hope.



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