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Free to good homes & college students: Brand new unopened domestic insurance policy

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

domestic insurance policy

If you heard of a sad group of animals that were being targeted and forced to comply with concrete shoes around their feet while also trying to move through life slower and slower but to bankruptcy, then would you be the type of person to at least protect yourself and your loved ones from that circumstance?



Sadly, people you know have died at the intersection of "family" law v. law divorce and politics versus politics. But have you ever tried Googling for some elementary help in spaces like those? Like "free help with my family law case," or like "how do I file for child support in my county courthouse?" Maybe because there was a pandemic going on and you were previously tied to unrealistic expectations? If so, then you're probably like that sad group of targeted animals, and in need of a workaround "comfort pet" type policy.

Unrealistic expectations on both sides of any child support account can hurt us all. It costs more when children stay and home and then have educational technology expectations. Or, perhaps, your work slowed down and hours changed so you needed to access and modify your divorce agreement, but now have no money for a retainer fee and no time for an emergency law school degree. Someone else will have to absorb these shortcomings.

If you ever have Googled any of those those types elementary things required to keep your life afloat, then what you may have noticed more than anything else was a sinking feeling. And the more you looked, then the deeper sunk you felt.

Those sinking feelings from competitive policymakers that bind themselves and reality apart from each other hurts us all. From what eyewitnesses say when emergencies are at hand, trying to find elementary help for their reality is like wearing "concrete shoes." Where you feel sunk getting involved, and then the more you exercise looking for answers, then the deeper in trouble you get. Like a sad group of animals staged to comply with concrete shoes around their feet.

The above video is a book I wrote after scientific law school,

after complete loss and thrown away to die.

Painfully, others are expressing today more vividly than ever before that these elementary feelings like trying to gain access to their own broken children after a divorce or a legal severance deal can be endlessly excruciating. Excruciating for everyone involved. Including grandparents and families on both side.

Not only can a vindictive parent legally keep a child away from the other parent by courts routinely validating this behavior, but mail can be sunk, phone calls pigeonholed, gift exchanges confiscated, school event information twisted, extracurricular activities schedules diverted, representation in court non-existent, no seat at the table for children in the middle, and only isles in-between two party caucuses at the county board meetings, state general assembly hearings, and congress committees. All can be be legal endless losses for these most vulnerable children.

Children are universally left out to absorb all the losses many eyewitnesses say. They express feelings of systemically suffocating like what they call being stuck in the "trunk of justice" everywhere people try to be inclusive.

Forever feelings of being in the "trunk of justice" with a side of "concrete shoes"

Mavis Hetherinton (a respected research psychologist) finds that even when divorce does not result in long-term damage, it is

“usually brutally painful"

(Hetherington & Kelly, 2015).

Locked under

If you have ever Googled "free legal help" to access your family matters through court, then you may have noticed that the world is full of "free" waived expensive legal services. "Free" waived systemic court help (but not compensated pay for taking off work). And even "free" expensive college degrees just to get in the doors of justice (but not guaranteed to work in court). You soon feel overwhelming uncomfortableness. Like your head is bouncing off of concrete walls the harder you try and access those "free" closed access places just for trying to bring light to an elementary thing you're that already struggling with. Some have called it a punitive practice in futility.


People who are unfamiliar with the endless thread of struggles can think of the need for domestic insurance similar to a football game. Where the non-participants of the game kind of know how it feels to be left out. Especially when they see an open path to the end zone play after play that the running back could take but he's guided into the defensive line each time instead. The endless thread of struggles is like poor people who are locked outside of the stadium because they can't afford the gate fee and who are never visible to the players, coaches, referees, scoreboards, and record books, but who also still need to somehow get on the scoreboard and the record books to then survive in reality. That's how people who are unfamiliar with "free" access can try and relate.

Even if Google does get you "free" paperwork or a "free" legal template to get your elementary need efiled into the game, then those papers alone can't ease your mind or stand up and voice with you in court where you need it the most. And they sure can't unlock the trunk and get you the results you need in the future record book of justice so that officers can later enforce it.

Courts using a "free" video service company to patch people into hearings have the same problem for people as children of divorce have. For example, if you don't have a computer, then sure there are ways to apply for technology relief. But that application process doesn't jive with court. And if you need training on say Zoom, and their customer service is in a foreign land or foreign language, then you might as well be locked out and then locked in to someone else's "trunk of justice" decision by default.

But how in the world can people protect these divisive systems AND prevent those endlessly hurtful feelings?

And, more importantly, why should outsiders care?


Your all-natural (as opposed to systemic) domestic insurance agent

A domestic insurance policy can start with something as easy as your very own certificate of achievement record. The few good people who have been getting involved with this contemporary policy report that it adds a brand new circumstance to their lives. A circumstance that travels with them but never existed before.

Temporarily free MEMBERSHIP. Click on the certificate below to get certified today and join this amazing group for personal and professional developments in domestic insurance. Our remarkable network is the only all-natural, open and decentralized PREVENTION to crime, court, and war. Free to good homes and college students.

Your new path of personal and professional performance records naturally adds value and stability to your life, your families lives, clients, and to the community. It creates new circumstances away from the old that many eyewitnesses have reported protects them from painful feelings that rain down on us. And instead ripples out good vibes into the world around you.


Adopt your hero in the family

Your new path also helps protect against severance protocols like military deployments to war.

"Getting back (from deployment) feels like your first breath after nearly drowning" (Klay, n.d.).

Practicing agents have included things like child safety file experts when divorce is doubly negative on the family. Things like arts, crafts, writing books, initiating ultra-safe legislations, collecting and freely sharing scientific data when others game those closed systems of divisions. Developments like crime prevention have taken effect. Especially when others try to press others into crime through pain.

Some events and their internet links that agents are hosting to insure protection from isolation dangers are listed below. Dangers like those literal "concrete shoe" financial feelings. Dangers that any good home can find protection from with a domestic insurance policy.

For a limited time - Free domestic insurance adoption

domestic insurance

Here's why other families a comforting policy outside of the conventional battle zones and firing lines, which might be a good fit for adopting this brand new unopened free organic domestic insurance policy.

Nearly million parents per year divorce, affecting 2.2 million children per year according to the CDC. This doesn't include separated parents who never marry or grandparents who raise grandchildren. But when child support payers are laid off, they are reporting that those closed deals bankrupt them because the terms are strictly based on an old income level that no longer exists. Someone might go from making $2400 a month to $0 and be responsible by law for $500 a month. While outsiders, including their family members and friends, don't believe them. Likewise, when payees have children who grow up and need extra financial support, then they are reporting that those closed deals starve them of what's easily seen that they need. Someone might go from needing $500 a month raising a child with school's help to $1500 a month but receiving by law $250 a month. While outsiders, including their own family and friends, often shun them. But these so called "concrete shoes" are restricted to divorce deal-makings.

In the meantime, the strike is over, with a remarkably low

loss of life."

(Paton, n.d.).


Join America's transfiguration of safety to fully interconnect families

Given the upheavals that we see at our nation's capital and all the craziness in the world today like family on family violence, child support accounts can feel like wearing legal concrete shoes while sinking beyond bankruptcy. While "open access" to your kids can feel worse than a compacting trunk.

People have been voicing a lot during the Covid-19 pandemic, work layoffs, and stay at home orders, that these struggles from those risky circumstances are increasing. Closed child support contracts can bankrupt and starve young families, including the children. Especially those families who either don't know or who don't believe what overrides need to open up and redress these contracts for potential Modification with judicial exercises. So here are a few opportunities from our agents for family members who are suffering from chronic situational and systemic abuse to recover, help give children a healthy start in life, and protect them from concrete cell misleading harm. Free to a good home.

1. Listen to inspiring news podcasts for survivors. Like the CLU Show here:

2. Be counted in the Alienation Prevention Task Force here:

3. Learn how you can have dirty accusations like wrongful child support accounts cleaned up for free and aligned with reality here

4. Take a simple quiz to be certified as a Clean Law Domestic Insurance Agent (without the expensive law degree) here:


Growing partnerships of MVP PREVENTATIVE early adopters

It takes a team to get by today more than ever. Our world's economy has opened up to Covid-19 tests, and even to pre-covid screenings that consumers can do at home. Why not open up pre-google, pre-concrete, pre-trunk protection for your family as well? Why not a figurative child safety seat for the trip of a lifetime in the real rule of - "family" law v. law of the land?

Whether your world is solid and together or chaos and falling apart, get inspired for creative ways to adopt Clean Law.

From the CLU Show podcast of news you can use to learning how to govern and make decisions without scissors - empower yourself and your loved ones near and far in new ways, while winning a race, while writing a book, celebrating a new reuniting law, and more.

People can also find a free policy that's a better fit to adopt at The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution does entitle each one of us (allegedly) with the right to peacefully assemble and to petition the government for a redress of our grievances. But we even see "peaceful assembly" get taken out of context today and likewise overwhelming Google and its client with social impressions that aren't always acceptable behaviors.

But with nearly invisible true free help like Clean Law and CLU (Clean Law Union) offers you with your very own all-natural domestic insurance policy for free, you could be one of the future people expressing the opposite of lost purpose and betrayal more vividly. You could flip "concrete shoes" and "trunks of justice" into "wings" and "hood ornaments for your and yours and the rest of the world to see. Free to a good home: Brand new unopened domestic insurance policy.



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