Free to good homes & college students: Brand new unopened domestic insurance policy

Updated: Feb 9

domestic insurance policy

If you heard of a sad group of animals that were being targeted and forced to comply with concrete shoes around their feet while also trying to move through life slower and slower but to bankruptcy, then would you be the type of person to at least protect yourself and your loved ones from that circumstance?


Sadly, people you know have died at the intersection of "family" law v. law divorce and politics versus politics. But have you ever tried Googling for some elementary help in spaces like those? Like "free help with my family law case," or like "how do I file for child support in my county courthouse?" Maybe because there was a pandemic going on and you were previously tied to unrealistic expectations? If so, then you're probably like that sad group of targeted animals, and in need of a workaround "comfort pet" type policy.

Unrealistic expectations on both sides of any child support account can hurt us all. It costs more when children stay and home and then have educational technology expectations. Or, perhaps, your work slowed down and hours changed so you needed to access and modify your divorce agreement, but now have no money for a retainer fee and no time for an emergency law school degree. Someone else will have to absorb these shortcomings.

If you ever have Googled any of those those types elementary things required to keep your life afloat, then what you may have noticed more than anything else was a sinking feeling. And the more you looked, then the deeper sunk you felt.

Those sinking feelings from competitive policymakers that bind themselves and reality apart from each other hurts us all. From what eyewitnesses say when emergencies are at hand, trying to find elementary help for their reality is like wearing "concrete shoes." Where you feel sunk getting involved, and then the more you exercise looking for answers, then the deeper in trouble you get. Like a sad group of animals staged to comply with concrete shoes around their feet.