Farming In: Self-Developing Your Own 360-Degree Solutions

Updated: Mar 4

Especially While 180-Degree Problems Are Piling Up - Farming You Out



People love to blend all sorts of things. My favorite thing to blend is a fruit smoothie. First, I mix a Banana with a few Strawberries in the blender. And I add ice, sweetener, and heavy cream. Mmm... It's one of my favorite treats.


Blending to me is a fun and scientific experience in the kitchen area. It has a lot of rewards when done for cooking food. Not only for deserts, but for appetizers like salads. And, of course, the main course of meats and vegetables. But blending is also very necessary in the farming space as well.

Farming In

Planting crops in many areas of the country used to mean cutting down trees and pulling up stumps. Only then could farmers slowly begin to break ground. Finally, they'd gathering a team of horses to plow and loosen the soil to later blend in the seeds.

Today, like a lot of things, it's different. It's a matter of steering a tractor over the ground. Or, if you're not very good at steering, you can even blend GPS satellite assistance to keep your rows straight. Not to mention all of the different blends of start-up seeds, fertilizer, equipment, etc.

But let's say you have some family firm problems at home building up. There's a Divorce Petition filed and you. And desperately need help trekking this new ground. Yet, you may not want anyone to know. Your life's getting plowed, but you have to put on a good face everyday.

In the old days, we just hacked down trees, made them consume their roots (figuratively speaking), and the last thing standing "won." That was "family" law versus law.

But nowadays, did you know that there are several free preventative and self-development options available to help groom those problems socially? There are even free in-depth solutions for you and your loved ones to stay connected when the plowing gets too deep or too painful. You know, when the relationship and farm start coming too far apart.

For example, have you ever tried to call a child you loved on the phone after a divorce, or went to their house and knocked on the door, but they've magically disappeared?

Or, worse yet, do you still have traumatic nightmares as an adult from your family disappearing in a cloud of fog as a child?

Systemic accidents happen.

If you're worried because you've heard all the war stories in these high conflict divorce situations, and you don't have the resources to acquire a national search party just in case, then don't worry. There are safer blends.

Farm In. Farming In safety means self-developing solutions. Kind of like if you grew up on a farm and learned the hard way that a lot of times you have to improvise to get by. But at the same time it's also like refusing to get farmed out, or plowed under. Standing strong to remain safety.

Self-developing is what we call learning to "Farm In Safety." And in this article, you'll discover how to prevent many risky "farm out" problems in your relationship space and discover many new "Farm In" solutions.

The problems with not being able to reach a loved one on the phone are the old way in "family" law versus law cases. Both sides are free to trick the other out. However, these are also stackable issues. Meaning they can pile up unchecked. In the field of society, we refer to them as "180-degree" problems. Which can then be measured for safety.

Stacking divisional problems is kind of sad and disheartening. It's why self-assessments were desperately needed. Because they are literally ongoing commentaries of two ex's trash-talking each other. Sometimes they even trash file each other at the clerk's office, trash financing each other with the credit card, trash socializing each other at events, etc. Like turning a perfectly good Strawberry and Banana smoothie into Bananas and Strawberry's genetically modified to poison each other. Ugh! Problems like these are associated with nuclear family disconnections before, during, and especially after family law negotiations and family court proceedings. No nice blending. Just straight hostilities!

So, besides learning about prevention in this article, readers will see how other people are self-developing their very own safer "Farmed In Safety" 360-degree solutions. Their own unique self-developments. Which has shown to be especially critical when the legal severances become inevitable.

Divorce or Parental Separation
Divorce or Parental Separation?

In farming, not all the fruit of the farmers labor goes into the family's belly. Some goes in, and some goes out. Outside the operation. Some sweat corn produced gets to the kitchen table, and some corn goes out to the grain elevator to fill other people's needs.

Other industries benefit from blending productions as well. In financial technology (FINTECH), we often hear about new digital currencies and financial apps coming online. In the medical space, medication and information tracking. And more and more effective blends with more and more rewards are coming online everyday. That's the Information Age we live in. An already historical period known for its epoch shift from the Industrial Revolution to an economy based on information tech. You know, like farmers going from pulling out stumps to satellites helping them steer.

But, before we get into finding your unique satellite to your unique problems, who do you know that needs more integration with their children? Where are there still stumps and blending in love completely off the table?

Your undisconnectivity with your children, for example, during and after a high conflict divorce could be blended with more palatable solutions. With satellite radars. For example, in the courtroom colosseum and case law versus case law, there are no tables in the middle isles. It's hollow. Yet, there's room at your house for "justice" at your table too.

But before we get into that area of blending with a side of rewards, let's talk about corporate blending. Blending in the business world.

Business In

We see tons of business blends these days. Can't get to the store but need milk? There's an app for that. Instacart, for one, partners with grocery stores and saves us trips. DoorDash does the same thing between restaurants and our kitchen tables. Bitcoin, in a more sophisticated way, blends the money in your pocket with certain financial market exchanges.

There are so many of these capitol blends today with apps and technology that our previous article calls them "Billion Dollar Business Blends." And we hope that understanding that space of business blends will help make it easier to see your possibilities.

To start-up, most unblended companies begin with one product or service. They feel out that supply chain and demand mark to start a business. I mean, who doesn't want to be their boss? Then comes their favorite blends.

Earning Billions

Let's say it's Amazon starting a company with just books on the menu for authors and readers. Then, they grow into household supplies like Walmart. Next thing you know, they're taking Bitcoins, dashing through the snow, making delivers, and almost mixing your favorite milkshake better than anyone else. (No undisconnectivity intended). But, what if I told you that your life is the next great product or service in on the blend (connectivity intended)?

Colleges kinds try to blend majors. But, that's not always palatable in industry. I was once fired from a promising engineering education because "family" law and the laws of physics engineers could not ethically blend in court. Students like engineer majors can't "build" what others call "family" while at the same time it's not. That's a wrong answer. You learn to fail, and there's civil liability by doing that.

The "right" answer, however, the one that is obviously ethical and not liable, are those "family" disconnectivity spaces. Those 180-degree problems. Sometimes called Plaintiff versus Defendant, Party A versus Party B, Case Law versus Case Law, Table one versus Table two, etc., etc. But today, some of the same school offer blended degrees in Psychology and Engineering. I guess, as long as they're "building" "family" data and permanent records to later rely on, you can always expect some stumps if the way of YOUR obvious solutions.

We've all seen the sadness. The sadness on top of frustrating sadness's.

In that "family" space, innocent parents are already blueprinted out of missing children (Trager, 2021, Luciano, 2018) and hundreds of thousand of dollars per case (Nagus, 2021). Even so, who do you know that needs to assess their own solutions channel?

Some People See "Over Two Million Dollars" Worth of Added Value Per Case Blend

So, remember, instead of sadness, or sadness on top of frustrating sadness's, please consider undisconnectivity. Co-filing your future. That's safer. Especially when people have to begin self-developing easier 360-degree solutions (Streaty, 2019).

Farm In Safety. If you ever wanted to know how to prevent 180-degree problems, not knowing, not growing, and not glowing with your loved ones, then consider blending: Farming in. There's a world full of unique 360-degree solutions that have yet to be discovered and grown.

Co-filing - One Alternative Pursuit of Happiness

So, you have some marriage problems building up to what seems like a divorce, and you desperately need free solutions for you and your loved ones to all stay connected. Before you start filing in problems to your life, consider all the preventative safety measures coming of age.

Some reporters give people a voice like hosting a Facebook live event. Other parents start their own support group and protective practices. Other reports pivot the unconnected family members and sadness a side of publicity. And a few secretly blended in pursuits of happiness.

This last way is sometimes whispered to be some kind of "Fast File" Agency. Or, an underground constructive child safety file agency that's commonly prohibited. But they're not too hard to find. We see at there website users can get access to their very own custom child safety file. I guess this way, whether parents stay together or co-file the family bond in divorce court (with that agency), then their children can still have an underground railroad of sorts to be covered in the middle social valleys, emotional, financial, psychological, and communicative valleys, etc.



Farming In is strategically for the unrepresented, and therefore, selfless winners. Those who no longer want to be a part of Farming Out M.O.'s no matter what.

Remember in the movie Gladiator. When the old and wise Emperor Marcus Aurelius wanted Maximus, who was played by Russell Crowe, to be his successor.

Marcus said to Maximus, "I want you to become the protector of Rome after I die. I will empower you, to one end alone, to give power back to the people of Rome and end the corruption that has crippled it. Will you accept this great honor that I have offered?

Maximus replied, "With all my heart, no."

Then Marcus, digging in his heals said with a little more intensity, "Maximus, that is why it must be you!"

Maximus again replied, "But surely a prefect, a senator, somebody who knows the city, who understands her politics...

"But you," Marcus intervenes, "have not been corrupted by her politics."


Iteration + Workaround + Iteration + Workaround = Transfiguration

By Farming In, people still kicking around 360-degree solution ideas every day. Whether that's in business, family, finances, or social work.

All of our lives have drastically changed since the Covid-19 Pandemic, recent wars, and rumor's of wars. There are always newer and newer 180-degree problems popping up. Which requires newer and newer authentic solutions. But next, there are metrics coming online that will allow peers like Aron and Denis to be aware of the riskiness associated with old circumstances, and will be able to see risks and the values self-developed during 360-degree solution operations. In other words, public displays of problem-solution fits. But, no worries. You too can practice your own Farming In with few self-assessments.



(10 myths uncovered about at-home assessments to prevent divorce despair).

In the industrial family law space, valley fog is obviously final. But the hilltop pains are also final (from many eye-witness testimonies). And that's a permanent record that reflects "you." Once "uncovered," it's why un-gladiators are learning from at-home assessments to prevent divorce despairs all together.


You'll love it when freedom comes to town and rescues the unfairly bound!

Did you know there's a side of prevention, relief, and ultra-safety to divisive deals? It's true. Along those high conflict divorce circumstances, deployments to war or parental separation productions, there are fresh ingredients to something great.

Who do you know that needs a peer fix? A peer safety net?

Now there are a few easy ways people can use to assess their need for relief from all those risky uncovered nuclear family gaps.


3 self-assessments and 10 myths uncovered about them to prevent divorce despair:

1. Is the family in question a minor league family or a major league family? Conduct a free open tryout here to see if your family is a minor or major league family. (Or visit and try out free). If minor league, then that's safest. If major, that has risks to be aware of. However, there's a FREE Gifted Family Plan to help shine your family bright no matter if you're minor league family or a major league family.

2. If they're a major league family, then "syncing up with CLU" will help in their situation for a "Fast File" side of free social justice safety. (Visit and sync-up with united CLU parents schedule). You see, remaining free is preventative by nature and ultra-safe because CLU peers can't capitalize off of adulterating parents nor families. It's hard to visualize the future unique value that this synchronization adds, but the results will forever speak for themselves. There's a FREE "Billion Dollar Wings" app to help major league families shine.

3. For high conflict divorce, deployment, or parental separation cases involving children, then assess if a parent and their vulnerable child(ren) might need extra peer support staying connected. That secret "Fast File" agency in those systemically uncovered spaces/mechanical pipelines has proven to help. (Visit The unblended alternative is an uncovered space where normally civilized separating parents have to diverge and start debating each other out of necessity. To sometimes trash each other socially to "build" a case. To trash file each other out of legality, trash finance each other out of dual-pump actions, and even trash bind each other to adversarial psychology reports for escalated litigations. Depths of despair that can render vulnerable children disenfranchised, depleted, and over-taxed in the middle (OTIM). If that's the assessment, then the secret agency is probably the only option to help them self-develop a effectively operate connection-keeping agency against all odds. Sometimes to the point, it seems, where it becomes figurative MIM (Money in the Middle). [Real-life reviews of this despair relief we found are available on The CLU Show podcast]. There's even a FREE customized child safety file folder underground for anyone who's in higher than normal levels of despair and wants to open a new case with the secret "Fast File Freedom" agency. And, it appears, an opportunity to help make movie.


Together, peers are pivoting all levels of despair from foggy, sometimes painful valley places. To light, ultra-safe pain-relieving spaces. Perhaps, a future Pain Relief Age. From prevention and/or ultra-safety to solutions and/or relief. From unrepresented parents and childhoods, which are said to be often being OTIM, to MIM. Which, technically, are myths number 11 and 12 uncovered.

In the future, pivotal farmers will no longer have to be mythical about nuclear "family" solutions. CLU peers will be publicly sharing their cost savings, and their added value gained against all odds. Comment here when it's time for a chance to be interviewed for The CLU Show podcast. It features the world's first connection-keeping pioneers. (Think of psychological DNA next to adversarial Psychologist "DNA-A" versus Psychologist "DNA-B." Or, think of childhood social, emotional and academic DNA along with media "socially," "emotionally," and "academically" systemic "DNA." Or, like like junior's DNA actual value compared to Super Bowl scoreboards and its multimedia keeping kids OTIM. Think of family-Family sustainers (for free) compared to rich colosseum "systemic" heads (for profitability). Or, think of a human scale compared to the maintenance budget for the world's largest building. Think of ongoing Family People free security and exchange compared to an ongoing "family" job security and exchange. Two different human market scales to #coexist (with all the help of sustaining partners in this emerging market here). That's a delicious smoothie for the ages!

Without Farming In and Self-Assessments, get used to the invisible disappearing vulnerable people in despair. With only "family" artificial relief in sight.

Who do you know that deserves a free tryout, maybe an impressive family blend?


And still, some other wonderful resources for standing, even if it's against all odds, are Radio Host and Author Dr. Christine Bacon. She hosts meetings, interviews, and teaches married couples to stay standing in their marriages.

A Stander is one who is representing compromise for a marriage union. A true life partner, youngsters, kin, parent, and so on. Standers have faith in the original covenant made at a wedding that typical orders “what God has joined together, no human must separate (Mk 10:9)” - not even a judge or a psychologist according to Dr. Bacon (n.d.).

Standers won't give up their own relationships just on the grounds that other people tell them "the grass is always greener," "move on," or "hey, can I get your digits?" Thus, they stay undisconnected. Ready to stand against all odds. For more information on Standers and Standing groups visit "Standing" services (Bacon, n.d.):

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A Fast File agent is like a Stander. Someone who's in it, the marriage Covenant, against all odds. They can be your best friend at church, a lost sole on the street, or the CEO next door. Even politicians retracting from office can be Fast File agents.

Standing and co-filing, they say, will someday be the ultimate in an age of undisconnectivity.

Who do you know that needs to blend in a little secret happiness?


Come Out of Thinking That Being Farmed Out Broke Is Okay For Innocent Family People

Farming out. Is "your" next author practical? Does going through the phases of filing, hiring an expensive representative, going to hearings, then psychological debates, social-emotional bendings, etc. all leave you hollow inside? The answer (obviously) is yes.

Is innocent parents being farmed out okay?
Is innocent parents being farmed out okay?

Let's reflect if this has ever been you. You either went (or are going) into the old world of "hammer me a little" or "hammer me a lot" gamey pinball machines. Where obstacles roam. And, you either take "your" hits silently and like it, or else you get more until you do. In settings where no loose voices roam.

You feel like you're up against giant hurdles like you've never seen before. Punitive pump actions not quite into the analogue age (where two-sides communication streams co-exist). Let alone the digital age. "A barbaric age," you might think.

To be farmed out like this, there are a few things you need to survive. First up is the most obvious. A secret network of conscientious peers. Second is like it. Secret ultra-safety measurements on the side. A way to safely adjust to the hollowness. Like living financial DNA, social DNA and emotional DNA. Because you know there are breaking points to "your" gossip in the silence. And third, your own life and experiences as it relates top resiliency. What are you resilient too? And, perhaps, what are you vulnerable to? You must on becoming remarkably resilient.

Plan on remarkable resiliency
Plan on remarkable resiliency

Who do you know that never survived that risky intersection of "family" law versus law?

Who do you know that had a riskier go of it than it needed to be?



Assess any processing risks that might exist with your life being shelved.

You can simulate a higher conflict divorce so easy a child can understand with a simple house plant. First, retain a lawyer to file it into court. Next, negotiate who gets what. Who gets the pot? Who gets the leaves. Who gets to decide what light or shade it gets. Who gets the plant if the pot has to be sold because neither could agree? How does the soil get split?

Second, while the plant is sitting on the clerk's shelves with only hollowness coming to fruition, then decide how the financial nutrients are going to be split up outside of that shelf. Will the entire financial pool be split 50/50/0, 80/20/0 or 30/70/0 ? (Assuming those numbers are all in percentages of the whole).

Next, once the deal/order is made some time down the road, take the resulting deal off the shelf and divide its time back and fourth between two places. Back and forth with no more solid pot. No organic soil.

On top of that, back and forth between all the two different, often overly hostile, family places. Two different comings and goings at school. Where often the two parties do not have equal access. Back and forth at doctors, holidays, emergencies, phone lines, gift exchanges, etc. with the same unequal access.

How inherently troubling is this for a fresh little plant? Ones who may not even know yet that conflicts in the world exist.

Now, when things aren't greening up like you thought on the other side of the world's riskiest fence, following divorce, ask yourself what do you do when the plant has no sustenance left? When the roots dried up during those deals and its self-life has expired?

Farmed Out Shelf Life
Farmed Out Shelf Life


Farm In, While Being Farmed Out

Specifically, enrich your own self-developed blends. With a new go-to that will always nourish you, your loved ones, and flourish the world. By Farming In ultra-safety, especially while being farmed out, everyone says they've prevented expired plants.

Helping kids to not be shelved. In this recent podcast of one parent who discover his undisconnectivity solutions, Aron Starfire outlines 5 Things About Surviving Family Law Contracts Lawyers Don't Want You to Know.

In Aron's case, he just stood for nearly a decade with a team of peers and the facts by his side. Never wavering. Always praying. And always double taking the hits. Yet, in the end, after co-filing, and Farming In Ultra-safety, it was reportedly worth "a million dollars."

Both preventing devalue and adding that much value, while also taking his connectivity with his daughter to a new stratosphere. From the stone age to the analogue age.

Second Miraculous Transfiguration From Farming In Ultra-Safety

Farming In, While Farmed Out
Farming In, While Farmed Out

Ambition. Your own reality show.

Of course, we all needs a social medium to play our own solutions along with. Lucky for Denis, he was college educated, minister, a trained musician. So taking his connectivity with his son and daughter from the stone age to the analogue age, he said, "...our relationships blossoming."

Third Miraculous Transfiguration

"Connection-keeping with my daughter has been such a blessing," says Chris. "Integrative studies show that inclusion at the root level not only prospers families and prevents loss, but improves the well-being society and community involvement."