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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

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Nuclear Family Separation Anxieties

Life embodies endless accounts of work, school, church, social functions, and time with friends or family. The better you perform, the more extras you receive. You have so many friends, family members, and responsibilities driving your life.

Yet, your toddlers, basically, only have you.

Consider the big picture. Your children don't go to work. You don't go to school.

You each don't have peers to kick-it with during happy hour after a long day’s work. You don’t get to decide each others organizational events or schedules. In fact, you may each absorb some responsibility when those events planned don’t pan out with each other. You'll live most of your lives absorbing each other people’s bureaucracies. It’s no wonder no one in your family can keep it all together. You are the center of each other’s universes. The source of each other’s love, meals, and entertainment. Yet your drivers anxiously pull your spirits apart.

While most family members discover ways to occupy their efforts while away from each other for quite a long time, others can get on edge and fearful while loved ones are away. This nervousness can range from general awkwardness to full blown panic attacks that result in uncivilized behaviors or even self-harm. When family members become hyper-attached to one another it can transform into a case of separation anxiety.


Separation Anxieties Can Also Come From Scammers Outside the Home

Life also includes endless parades of robocalls against us, verbal accusations against us, opposing politics that hate us, and patronization through the mail for others to secure our personal stability information. Seemingly, anyone today can paralyze another by sequestering their vital information and misusing that information against these victims. Causing what most people say is separation anxiety against vulnerable victims.


Legal Separation Anxiety

By Contributor Dr. Ubaid Khan Afridi

Every creature, whether it be a bacterium, a bird, a lion, or a human, has the basic emotion of love, which manifests itself in the form of pairs. The emotion of love in humans is the most defined one, and every human wants a partner to cling to during every phase of their life. This partner is the spouse. Sometimes, unfortunately, circumstances occur that forces the partners to separate.

Separating from one’s spouse is stressful and emotionally draining, and takes a serious toll on one’s mental as well as physical health. When one’s spouse separates, one has to deal with many emotional as well as legal difficulties. Separation often elicits intense emotional feelings. If the separation is legal, the feelings might become unpredictable, and the person tends to feel anxious, hurt, or betrayed.

Legal separations often have bitter results for the children. Children are the bonding points in any family. Small disputes within the partners often carry no importance when it comes to the care for the children. However, legal separations such as divorce due to court interference leave an indelible impact not only on the mental health of the partners but also on the children. Adults who have separated have many supports which they cling to and move on. But, the toddlers and school-going children fix the separation of their parents permanently in their minds.

Legal and illegal separations usually result in both partners moving on with their respective lives after the four phases after separation – shock, anger, transition, and acceptance. The practicalities of legal separation are very stressful – seeing one’s partner separate forever and dealing with legal complications with the same partner impacts the mind. Solving petty family issues through mediation can help you avoid the stressful and anxious duration of legal separations, whilst also protecting the interests of your children.


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