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● The Clean Law system disrupts the legal industry and academy scenes by going directly to the consumer and sees family trials through a scientific lens.

● The conventional model requires a lawyer’s retainer fee or expensive college degree before administering standard terms, conditions, contracts and orders.

● The Clean Law system and the CLU (Clean Law Union) team have been committed to the concept that people should have understanding and access to their own family law, legal instruments, judicial mechanisms, old data and new data.


For decades now, Aaron Wemple has had two simple goals: Give people access to their family law so that every child can have a family and for every family to be financially, emotionally and situationally sustainable regardless.


The background of revolutionizing justice is all too familiar. Clients digitally navigate their way around bank finances, track U.P.S. packages, see products and services they buy through Amazon before they make decisions, and manage their social media accounts regarding friends. Yet effectively receiving their vital family sustainability information, like whether or not they are at risk of losing children during legal severance proceedings, requires a retainer fee to a lawyer or some law degree.


“Since our earliest days, we pioneered paths that kept children and their parents connected through divisive and sometimes toxic trials,” Aaron later said. “Information that we were unable to obtain from a lawyer, judge, or college.”

On its website, Clean Law defines family sustainability as children not being severed from their parents even if parents legally divorce or otherwise separate. Statistics do show that children in those situations are much more vulnerable to misdemeanors such as crime, mental problems and social problems. Clean Law’s mission is to help people understand and access family law and family sustainability data while advancing justice across the bord. Aaron says, “Imagine having a legal issue and asking your Clean Law Assistant app, “Hey Clean Law, what can I do to prevent unnecessarily wasting money in my contract agreement?” Or, “Hey Clean Law, What can I do if I’m the victim of a neighbor’s Order of Protection and I am violating that distance inside my own home?”

Free Yourself - Your Law in Hand

Now people can break free from really big family law industry fees while also changing the destinies of many children just by downloading the app and chatting. Legal clients will organically prevent family unsustainability situations themselves by having data available. Just like virtually checking on a positive bank account, successful delivery, best product and friend status. Some day we'll all be able to check on our children as well as our family sustainability legalities. We'll know when connections and compatibilities extend to beyond disconnected and incompatible in order to prevent those vital necessity from being out of reach. Something no one else in the industry is doing commonly.

This advanced justice care fills many unmet needs in society and academia at the intersection of science and “family” law v. law. But it's obviously not for the faint of heart.

Sensitive problems exist where children and family sustainability information is concerned. In the literal blind spots of those cases. So applying safer solutions instead of remaining in the trunk of justice may seem criminal at first, but together with the Clean Law system placing childhood safety, family sustainability and constructive community redevelopments in the forefront like hood ornaments, then everyone will see who really has the best interest of children at heart. Everyone will see the best parents standing up proud. They're looking out for what's best for the next-generation. They’re literally practicing 360-degrees of safer solutions through difficult 180-degree adversarial problems. And everyone will see those gaming the conventional system finally with some competition.

Professionals and community members alike will benefit from having this new option available. An option to not just take bar exams and get college degrees, but to also pivot and practice small in an organic parallel Clean Law practice. Which all adds up to a wider array of consumer products and services to help people manage their lives smarter, safer and easier.

“We’re working to bring these discoveries directly back to the consumers,” Wemple says.




People hang around "adult fighting files" long enough and pretty soon everyone thinks they can do it. But sometimes people need to see the "child safety file" side of life. To start seeing the safer side of life, talk to a network navigator today, click here to plug in, call 217.464.0406

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You'll get inspired by Clean Law's peer-to-peer safer private network (SPN) - "Champions for children." You'll want to see how to join these contemporary family sustainability experts. And someday you may need to see what Idea Exchanges or what Issue Exchanges are available to help your social or legal situation.


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