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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

"Vitalization through the demoting depths of stress."


VITALIZE - The Eye of The Storm

(Excerpts from the new magazine: "VITALIZE -The Eye of the Storm.")


(Source:, 2019)


"Childproofing Deals"

One anonymous acronym says that F.A.M.I.L.Y stands for “Father and Mother I Love You.”

We all grew up in either one of two groups - Either with our nuclear family intact or with our nuclear family disconnected for whatever reason.

We see lawyers in court along with the second group clad all of those files with past case law. Like a clogged filter that keeps pushing any figurative fresh and clean water at the forefront of the social pipeline into dirty and muddy water from the backside of the social pipeline.

We can also see engineers who design future constructive projects like brand new computers, new smart phones, new buildings, and new skyscrapers on computer software before they’re even built using the state-of-the-art scientific law of physics. Like a super filter that keeps assisting any figurative fresh and clean water at the forefront of the social pipeline into freshers and cleaner water for the next-generation of the social pipeline. Thus, reverse-isolating children from those old deals and floating them through stressful ordeals.

Childhood blindspots, stress and death are at an all-time high. Combining these two law practices was a genesis to childproofing deals. It was a starting point to childproofing legal contract makings like divorce and family policy. A new mix of buried treasures and prosperity awaiting both groups of families.

"Let's put a safety zone around them there fountains of smelly Kool Aid!" 😎


Stressful Deals

"Isolation Danger"

Square one for designing an effective childproof area around deals, and preventing isolation dangers, is to first realize how isolation dynamics work. Isolation is defined as a state of being in a place or separated from others. This is like being left out of getting picked for a team. Like waiting for a medical diagnosis that never comes. Isolation division dynamics are like being dropped from the portrait on Mount Rushmore and from all of future history itself because you were too young and too voiceless to ever have had a chance to be considered in policy. Hard divisive justice puts little ones in isolation dangers. Easy justice is a new area to help float the isolated people through.


Safety Area

John Stacey Adams Equity Theory explains that people value fair treatment. Childproof deals are contracts that are worked for and written which do not isolate children from a normal state of being.

The Hawthorne Effect in social psychology says that any attention improves well-being. Individuals positively change their behaviors simply from being observed. Conversely, the Isolation Effect negatively changes one’s behavior simply from being ignored. In a television ministry that I help direct at Maranatha Church in Decatur, Illinois, it's easy to see the differences between the Hawthorne effects and the isolation effects. We have two camera people operating two cameras. Each in a different location and a different view. The director switches back and forth between the two cameras and we have headphones on to let each other know when the shot is from their camera and when it is not. When we're on camera number one, then that operator is usually on point and tracks with the speaker back and forth across the stage very well. In the mean time, camera number two is semi-ignored and is usually not on point and not tracking very well with the speaker across the stage. Those two performance differences are like the differences between the Hawthorne Effect and the Isolation Effect.

Unfortunately, isolation effects can become dangerous in some situations. Like when children are left inside of hot cars, or when victims of verbal and physical abuse end up with no will to oppose it. Nor the will to testify. Isolation effects are dangerous when victims and children feel extremely nixed (canceled out of) their own lives and well-being efforts.

Understanding how isolation deals work like in a divorce contract or in a union strike will go a long way to helping us prevent things like human trafficking and gun violence. Because we need to know how post-fact systems grind in order to create pre-fact preventions. Prevention is the new inclusive safety area. We have to know how post-fact systems nix, drop, isolate, frame, and develop in order to design safety and prevent isolation dangers. From this understanding, we see how to childproof deals and how to prevent the crimes.

(Source:, 2019)

On October 29, 2019, Teacher's Assistants (TAs) in Decatur, Illinois went on strike. They went on strike and both sides were fiercely fencing the other while leaving students out and off balance. WAND-TV (2019) reported that DFTA (Decatur Federation of Teaching Assistants) Union President Paula Busboom said that the union needs "fair contracts" because she said their insurance costs had recently increased by "247" percent. While DPS (Decatur Public School) Board Member Regan Lewis said that "the health insurance plan we've offered is the same plan and same cost that teachers, maintenance and others employed by the district.” This is Deal Fencing 101.

Contract Disputes & Blindspots

There are probably millions of contract disputes every year. And like in any family law contract dispute for say child support, these fierce fencing divisions are similar. A fencing match ensues when each side jabs and pressures the other side to try and pus harder and harder. Often, with exaggerated emotions and weird claims to hopeful become the tipping point and force the other's hand.

Typically, there's always one glaring blindspot - The children involved. Usually, an exaggerated claim is made at first to leave room to retract from that position later. It's like haggling for a car that you want but that you know is overpriced. But with deals involving children like in the teacher's union versus school board contract dispute, children left in some depth of stress of stress like being left in a hot automobile during the hottests summer on record.

Divisive Deal Blindspot

"Why separate & isolate when we can deal straight?"🎚


Classical Blindspots

In the book entitled Blindspot, Greenwald and Banaji (2017) explore hidden biases that we all carry from a lifetime of experiences. A blindspot, they say, is a metaphor used to capture that particular portion of the mind clouding people's hidden biases.

(Source:, 2015)

Blindspots are not only in the hidden biases of our mind's, but they are also hidden in plain sight of legal contracts, those frameworks and those judicial litigations from those types of concrete deals. Hard deals and hard justice have a running thread of concrete isolation to one blindspot in particular: childhood. Hard justice isolates children into these concrete silos. While often times the walls crash in on top of them.

In reference to the deal-making blindspot of any new legal contract dispute, the surrounding dynamics must jive in sync with concrete judicial mechanisms just in case the terms ever falter and have to end up in court. In other words, people are condensed into just two parties to fit in line with the standing structure of the classical courtroom and the those classical cases. These are two literal places and/or figurative places in those deals. The blindspot of childhood isolated throughout those deals is also a figurative and/or literal place. The blindspot is the isolation spot that remains structure-less while the two competitive parties develop. Or, in many cases, over-develop.

Harvard University's Greenwald and Banaji (2017) teach their readers and students that hidden blindspots are revealed through hands-on experiences. They say that this explains why people, for example, who are not experienced with family law deals or similar contract disputes can never fully comprehend or believe what these critical blindspots are doing to these children involved.

(Source:, 2015)

Trofimuk, A. (2019) with the Decatur Herald & Review reported that over 500 children had to stay at home the first day of the strike on October 29, 2019. That's 500 educational blindspots the very first day of this deal-making. And these children are special needs children. When this debate hit the streets, it's the special needs children involved in that deal who were isolated and displaced. Therefore, if you were an experienced human trafficker, or other violent crime practitioner, and the state's attorney in a similar came to you and even the public with a charge knowing full well that you and your attorney could counter with a counter charge later on, then would you have time to re-isolate any victim somewhere somehow?

Blindspots are revealed through experience. Criminals can witness and mimic these blinspots. While prevention activists can witness and/or prevent them. This new prevention area of law reduces and/or eliminates isolation dangers.

Wish all deals were childproof? 🐣

Now, in strike disputes, what if people had a way to practice child safety files and normal school work with students while these ordeals were going on to help them stay in place and stay balanced until those deals were close? That would be a childproof deal. In the newly found area of authentic prevention.

Wish all vulnerable children could stay balanced? 🐤

Positive Vibes Only!

According to one Teacher's Assistant (TA) Dianna Bell, in a personal communication about the Decatur deal, it's the special needs children whom mostly the TAs help. There's a price for this diverted fencing. Who will fill in for the TAs? Where will these special needs children go? Are they nixed from law?

The point is, there is obviously a time and a place for childhood safety during deal-making. And a time and a place for isolation safety efforts during deals. When vulnerable children are fixed nixxed (i.e. legally nixed to be illegal both ways whether they follow the law or not and to not have any voice about it), then a responsible deal maker would pause one statute or the other to allow children to get through it with the minimal forever stress possible. Forever stress forever complicated currently with additional forever stresses.

Need little one's to stay positive in the midst of big deal storms? ➕

What if the blindspots of these social storms had a name?

Students in classical family law blindspots do not receive the support they need during the pressing isolation periods of those deals. Not until the big deals close. No one represents the blindspots nor documents in a running thread how these deals effects them. In the mean time, balance for the littlest people in our community is extremely difficult. The "blind eye" from these storms are already known in family law as hard disconnections. Millions of children who are experiencing dividing families, homes, careers, transportation, education, etc everyday. We know that hard disconnections destroy. But we should evacuate for all things that we know are like hurricanes.

Hard disconnections include things like severed financials, homes, insurances, retirements, and and families. They're also complicated with double the expenses and double the expectations at the same time. In severe storms, things may even expire while simply trying to maintain half of them at double the cost. Things like maintaining a job, telephone services, bills, homes, spiritual resources, personal needs, education, and all other forms of normal and healthy connections. Hard disconnections and hard justice are a very unsafe way to make family, civil or social deals.

Wish all dangerous deals had an emergency evacuation plan? 🦅

In fact, there are three depths of isolation stress that children are left in during the divisive frictions of separation cases. Like setting just them in the eye of a tornado. These vulnerable children are loosing educational experiences and entire support systems with increasing regularity.

Deals that are not childproof are mean and dangerous.😡

We can simulate the stress levels in the blindspots in deal-making. Different dpeths have different capacities for disconnections. For example, try or do something that you're very passionate about. Like try to buy a car or something that you really want on Facebook Marketplace, or plan to play in a big basketball tournament like Gus Macker. Hire and support a representative/coach to assure that you win what it is you're passionate about. Haggle for that awesome car deal or practice for that championship game. As hard as you can and for as long as you can. Let earning that win be your life-saving focus. And then, when that deal is over, ask yourself. During that passionately trying time of intense work and focus, how many times do I stop and include my child in the experience. Or, how many times did you ask yourself what my competitor's children were experiencing? The point is, the focus becomes the recipient of those Hawthorne effects. While each other's families and children become the recipients of isolation effects. The blinspots get no good ending to the deal.

You see, vulnerable children like the special needs students in the midst of a strike need a constructive seat at those tables. Or, at least something to reflect on after those deals are done when it also involves their homes, families, finances, etc. They above all don't deserve the endlessly mounting negative isolation effects from those deals. That's like the eye of a storm that never goes away.

A simulation of easy justice asses those isolation effects (negative performances) and records any Hawthorne effects (positive performances) during deals and trials in life. Which is the complete opposite of hard justice. Easy justice also uses the data collected to reduce or prevent future friction during contracts, family law debates, & policy-making disputes.


Open to some new some extra deal-making safety data? 😊


A Dangerous Blindspot


Contemporary Dealsmiths

(Source:, 2019)

According to WAND-TVs Kenya Ramirez (2019) in regards to the TA's half of the deal, "They just want their voices heard." Kenya reported about the TAs as they walked around and around their picket line chanting at Parson's Elementary School in Decatur, IL. During this strike, she also referred to a vulnerable student who was in a wheelchair and unable to speak himself. Alison Coit was a TA who was interviewed along with the student's daycare provider. The daycare provider said that the reason she was watching him was because his mother was single and had to work. Alison went on to say that they wanted the school to see that "they" are preventing this vulnerable child from receiving an education that day.

Wish all deals had an isolation prevention area?

Since stress in the mind is like rubbing two sticks together hard, and scientists know the combustion factors of wood, then we should know that beyond some point of friction, the human psyche will ignite. Someday, with the right network, we'll be able to know and prevent the depths of stress due to friction that leads to gun violence. However, this cannot happen within the concrete Y's minus the blindspot of classical deal-makings. But divisive friction is known to be a trigger.

Whether it's a work contract dispute, a human trafficking ordeal, or a divorce dispute, the isolation dangers are, unfortunately, a big part of the deal.

"Why isolate when they can keep them safe?"

(Source:, 2019)

Not only are Decatur students vulnerable in contract disputes, but so are many small town students around Decatur. Students like the child of Gary Hironimus who lives in Mt. Zion, IL but travels to Decatur to participate in the special needs program. But Gary said that his wife was crying after hearing the sad news of a contract dispute and that their child could not go to school because of the strike. He said that like most of us, his wife didn't understand what was going on and they couldn't make any kind of plans or preparations. They were lost and didn't know what they were going to do. As parents, they admitted that they are concerned with what negative impact this is going to have on their already vulnerable child.

Why separate and isolate when you can deal safe?🤝

Introducing Childproof Deals

Classical deals disrupts the lives of people in these blindspots the most. The friction throws children who may not able to handle it out of balance. A blindspot like this during a contract dispute and strike can urge children to stay away from school. Classical deals plant obstructive seeds. They leave a bad taste in everyone's mouths.

When something as legal and as right as going to school is weaponized against a special needs child, then there's something wrong that warrants childproofing deals. You see, hard justice clearly shows us that it's legal for this child to miss school. In fact, that's flaunted and openly debated. And hard justice also clearly shows us that it's illegal for children to miss school. In fact, children are in juvenile right now for it. That's janky. That's being concrete nixed in a blindspot during deals. The experience one has eing nixed, the more they will understand the spot. Those who have never expereicned being nixed in a monumental way cannot fathom what it feels like. It's paibful fristion with notjhing authentic to relieve the pain

Both concrete messages of one thing being legal to do and illegal to do have chronic negative childhood psychology isolation effects. Adults themselves could dwell on the stress from this jaggedness forever. Humpty Dumpty would be a glutton for pain to try and climb this legal/educational wall. Yet, we expect special needs children to be able to endure these monumental conflicts and move past those experiences like nothing ever happened.

Wish all dangerous deals had a real safe place?🕊


Classical dealsmiths

(Source:, 2016)

On December 15, 2003, Iraq's last dictator Saddam Hussein was found " the bottom of a hole with no way to fight back," according to Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno and CNN. "He was caught like a rat" said the Major General. On October 28, 2019, we heard reports of a terrorist ISIS Leader Abu al-Baghdadi who was killed and also found in a hole according to President Trump via Baker, Schmitt and Cooper (2019). There's something undeniable, and often irreversible, about the depths of stress during battles that leads people to holes.

The American Psychology Association (APA) reports that stress for children is constantly on the rise. Year-after-year, according to APA executives (2018), the percentage of children who are significantly effected by stress is on the rise. Nearly half (48%) of mature adults (ages 73 and older) surveyed report that gun violence causes them stress. Gun violence for this APA study was considered to be mass shootings and school shootings. 56% of "Baby Boomers" (ages 54-72 in 2018) reported that mass shootings cause them stress. 59% of "Gen X" (ages 40-53 in 2018) report that mass shootings causes them stress. 71% of "Millennials" (ages 22-29 in 2018) reported that mass shootings causes them stress. And 72% of "Gen Z" (ages 15-21 in 2018) reported that mass shootings causes them significant stress.

On October 22, 2019, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) reported that federal data shows the suicide rate among children aged 10 through 14 nearly tripled from 2007 to 2017 according to S. Smith (2019). “Not only is suicide trending upward, but the pace of increase is actually accelerating,” said the report’s co-author, Sally Curtin, in an interview with NPR.

In this era of endlessly growing childhood stress and death, it's vital to rethink the systems that impacts our lives. Especially, the systems that control people hard. Are we constantly remaking every single law, contract, report, and policy after the dangerously facts (i.e. post-fact)? Where they are notoriously scrubbed and biased? Does anyone ever really take initiative and be pro-active to prevent post-fact deals and endless post-fact pains? The point is, prevention is a brand new area of law.

What if child safety file data proves to prevent stress & death?


The Humpty Dumpty Experience

"Broken and invisible at best"

Once Humpty Dumpty falls off of a wall, then is there ever really any putting the egg, or its yoke, back together again? In other words, once Humpty Dumpty is nixed, falls, or is pushed off of a janky wall in life like education or a career, then is there any hope left (as if that could help) for Humpty Dumpty to try and climb walls again? And what about the yokes of those deals?

Yokes During Classical Deal Making

Classical deals are forever empty and hollow of childhood safety data.

Extreme isolationism in the blindspot of deals can also damage those children and ruin their trust for family and others. Most adults don't understand why, when their family shell is cracked, that pushing one side or the other completely down is somehow right or balance. That's janky. That's concrete brokenness. A Depth 1 Stress on adulthood itself.

But being a broken and flattened little yoke with disparities themselves during these deals without an authentic voice at the table adds an additional depth of stress. A depth below adult concrete brokenness. We call a cracked nuclear family shell that's complicated with the addition of being forced to break no matter the costs as Depth 2 Stress on childhood.

Please help them back together again.🩹

Most children who experience life through the lens of an intact nuclear family also spend their life blessed with Hawthorne effects. They later reflect on positive benefits from having hung in there. Like the healthy yokes inside of healthy eggs. Studies show that these children have a greater probability of performing well at school, work, sports, and society in general. Which, unfortunately, are not always visible to society and the other group.

Conversely, children who experience life without an intact nuclear family shell spend their life with negative isolation effects. Like helpless broken yokes of broken eggs. Studies show that these children have lower chances of performing well at school, work, sports, and society in general. That's like knowing you have a 90% chance of getting cancer but the powers that be nix healthier options. However, adding family sustainable data and positive childhood psychology data has proven to bridge these disconnects while preventing isolation dangers. Now, the two family groups with different blindspots can each get to know the other like the authentic family we are.

Please help the invisible find balance.⚖


Save the lives of starved children & save families