Alienation Mitigation

"Turning ugly spots into clean spots."

A Healthier Future

A lot of professional and social groups like the Alliance to Solve Parental Alienation have recently sprung-up and are trying to counter the withering powers of labels. A Facebook group led by Dr. Childress provides a platform for discussion of the various solution pathways for the pathology of "parental alienation" (PA). While Hannah Scherlacher with Fox News calls labels just plain bullying (Scherlacher, 2017). But with the dogmas of labels in mind, how can we ever fulfill our dreams in life without getting caught in the drain of labeling making failure schemes? In this blog, we'll discuss using data to turn ugly spots into clean spots for a healthier future.

One way that science is getting involved to solve parental alienation and other forms of alienation is by getting a grip on nuclear families that are in tact and nuclear families that are disconnected. You may be saying, what's that have to do with alienation mitigation? Well, studying families that are disconnected like from divorce exposes some of the most severe alienation syndromes that there are. And the interesting thing about comparing those disconnected nuclear with nuclear families that are in tact is that it reveals some of the secrets to getting out of and beyond those stagnant dogmas.

The vulnerabilities that labels cause are one thing. But the pains that those disconnections can cause are a completely other discomfort. For example, how bad does one negative label compared to a not so negative label make us feel? And how much worse does a 12 month separation from a loved one compared to a one day separation make us feel? These are practical data points and data sets.


Data is our new friend for alienation mitigation. For example,

- Can we count the healthy labels?

- Can we analyze the different intensities of those healthy labels?

- Can we count any unhealthy labels?

- Can we analyze the impacts of those unhealthy labels?

- Can we count the number of nuclear family connections?

- Can we rate the effects of nuclear family connections as mild, moderate & strong? Average the beneficial impact?

- Can we count the number of nuclear family disconnections?

- Can we rate the effects of nuclear family disconnections as mild, moderate & severe? Average the adverse impact?

- Can we measure the duration of connections & disconnections?

It's true, these data points and data sets are unique for everyone. But that's how we're developing a scientific database to breathe life into family law & policy. That's how we can childproof law, contracts and policy and provide data to authors of such law, contracts and policy so that their mechanisms do not unintentionally harm the life processes of vulnerable children.