2020 Family Bill

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

"Sustaining our Future"

Let's face it, divisiveness rules and families are collateral damage. The book "2020 Family Bill - Sustaining Our Future" thoughtfully explores critical issues surrounding family sustainability and positive childhood psychology.

Instead of the classical "versus" mechanism, like Cardinals versus Cubs or Rams versus Bears, jeopardizing our children's futures, this book looks at child raising merit during these trying times like divorce and extreme policy making. The new focus is on authentic family law & policy like who dodges the hostile environments the best, who prepares the healthiest meals, who dresses their children the safest, who gets children to school on time the most, who helps with homework and networks with teachers the best, and who supports the goodness of their children the most memorably. In other words, who is the best at doing normal things? And who needs a little work with a supportive network?

The 2020 Family Bill doesn't judge by gaming any system with inhumane mechanisms to raise children. In fact, it aims to love better than that. It's a life process that will result in family sustainability and positive childhood psychology.

Like on the show "World of Dance," the 2020 Family Bill would allow making decisions based on dancing. This way, even the not so good parents, like the not so good dancers, can improve their parenting skills for the next round. Its a win-win for family sustainability. It's a win-all for positive childhood psychology.

What would happen if the dancers on the show "World of Dance" were judged on dancing but never allowed to show if they could dance or not? That way, even the best parents loose hope and are unmotivated to try and parent That's a loose-loose for family sustainability, parenting and ripples out into society. That's deconstructive childhood psychology.

After all, on the World of Dance, what's worse for performers and for the audience, for dancers to dance or for dancers to follow some inhumane mechanisms? Which is classical family law and policy.

A family sustainability and positive childhood psychology plan might pivot the rules a bit, but it will allow parents to parent, and it will free families to family.

The "2020 Family Bill - Sustaining our Future." Legalize authentic family law and policy. Sustain our future.

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