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We hope you never have to feel the Clean Law difference, but vertical gaps between judges and children, horizontal differences between opposing case law party conduits, situational differences in politicized pipelines, & longitudinal time pains hurt us all because statistics show that families of children in hard (sometimes permanent) parental separation cases are more susceptible to behavior issues, drug problems, alcohol abuse, early teen pregnancies, incarcerations, and other "escape" pitfalls where they are placed.  (Who wouldn't try to escape those realities in the tornadic middle?) 


Hurt people tend to hurt people. Systems comply. This is channeled by conventional "adult fighting files." A very restrictive of "family" law v. law justice. But Clean Law is different. It's the only family law with organic open access to unadulterated United States Constitutional Bill of Rights ultra safety family / social enterprise model.  


People used to feel rejected and pressed without cause to bleed all over other each other. Even silently on the littlest children involved. Those who'll never have a seat at the table of decisions. And bigger and bigger money goes to paying bigger and bigger squeezers. Worse than David v. Goliath with David inside a blender and Goliath pushing all the buttons. Don't be left outside the dots and withdrawn. Be included, connect the dots, and full-draw your serendipity organically instead.

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