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As the current laws advance, there are several ways to get a better understanding and prepare for certain situations, policies, and business.

Clean Law is an innovative social enterprise using a secret method of developing childproof policies. 

Millions of children feel left-out, even entrenched during high-conflict issues like Covid-19 pandemics, military deployments, divisive political battles, and divorce. Even sadder 😥 , many children have parents who die expressing their need for helpful family law and policy.

Why Collaborate?

Clean Law's Family Law 2.0 is different because it wants every child to have a family. It accomplishes this goal by donating all proceeds from Family Law 2.0 licensing to united CLU parents who support each other through difficult trials and need representation, false accusation defense, and encouragement while carrying their own family sustainability crosses. 

This safer private network (SPN) has a "halo" effect recording your family connections one meaningful interaction at a time so you don't have to. It memorializes positive achievements like good report cards in school, and happy moments like a degree. It helps prevent trauma and save lives when high-conflict issues arise. ​

Years of


We have the know-how to help businesses seamlessly converge.

How was Clean Law born?


Besides a vision, Clean Law works tirelessly on family sustainability where scientific law & family law meet. Scientific law is like a bridge safely getting us over a river. Like a ship safely getting us across oceans. Can you imagine if the next-generation has a bridge at the same time valleys in their lives are being created?

Why Span the Valleys With Us?


If you or a loved one are dying 💔 ⚙ ⚰ for clarity, understanding, and safety, and security during a military deployment or divorce, then we're here to help.

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Don't forget the good files 💧!

It's side-law we've been dying for ⚰ !

How Can I Help?

People hang around "adult fighting files" long enough and pretty soon everyone thinks they can do it. But sometimes people need to see the "child safety file" side of life. To start seeing the safer side of life, talk to a network navigator today, click here to plug in, call 217.464.0406

or email 


You'll get inspired by Clean Law's peer-to-peer safer private network (SPN) - "Champions for children." You'll want to see how to join these contemporary family sustainability experts. And someday you may need to see what Idea Exchanges or what Issue Exchanges are available to help your social or legal situation.


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