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As the current laws advance, there are several ways to get a better understanding and prepare for certain situations, policies, and personal business. The most vulnerable usually fall through the cracks the hardest. But with Clean Law Social Enterprise, there’s a unique focus on situational vulnerabilities and documenting hope and value for the most vulnerable, like a bridge over a river, or like a helping hand in any trial. 

Clean Law is a social enterprise founded in 2018. It's known for publishing work like Family Law 2.0 where scientific law converges family law seamlessly beginning with child safety files.  Here to help your family, profession, organization, or policy needs grow.

Why Affiliate?

50% of the workforce wants to be their own boss. Clean Law can help with an encouraging ecosystem. The VIP plan helps improve lives and start your business in the process (coming soon).


Subscribers can refer other affiliates to the VIP "Business" plan and Professional plan earning up to 23% of their paid subscriptions. Earning while encouraging the vulnerable is safe place to be! 


Years of


We have the know-how to help businesses seamlessly converge.

How was Clean Law born?


Besides a vision, Clean Law works tirelessly on family sustainability where scientific law & family law meet. Scientific law is like a bridge safely getting us over a river. Like a ship safely getting us across oceans. Can you imagine if the next-generation has a bridge at the same time valleys are being created?

Why Converge Scientific Law in Family Law?


The reasons that Clean Law converges with family law are #1 - To preserve the integrity of all areas of law; # 2 Because families in family law trials have many reported imbalances compared to criminals in trials. Those are like no safety bridges for some but safety bridges for others. In other words, like ABC10 News Sacramento California reports, innocent family members have no right counsel when they are poor like criminals do. Families have no investigations to track evidence to prove a claim like in criminal cases do. Family members have no right to bail when accusations are made like criminals do. And several other imbalances; #3 - Helps some of the most disconnected people in the world safely get past those obstacles with the most impact to safely ripple into other areas of law, education and society. 

How Can I Help Social Up?

Thanks for making a beautiful difference!

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