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As the current laws advance, there are several ways to get a better understanding and prepare for certain situations, policies, contracts, partnerships, and business opportunities. is innovative family gap and case cavity coverage social using a secret sauce of childproof deals to help you or your clients practice safer and smarter in life.


Bar associations like the Illinois State Bar Association license conventional divorce lawyers. Whereas educates people like you to practice differently at the risky intersection of "family" law versus law. A place where adversarial powerhouses and often two parties trash debating each other, trash filing, trash socializing each other, and even hollowing out their family sustainability by trash financing each other. Rendering these most vulnerable children and underserved in risky case cavities and nuclear family gaps.

How committed are you to childhood ultra-safety, family and community well-being?

Why certify with organic policy-making relief? is different because unlike conventional system-heads, our simple goal is for every child to have a family. Millions of children and family people feel left-out of policy-making cavities. Especially those who are nice, empathetic and civilized. Which nixes love and good intentions dead upon arrival. Children feel the likeness. Trapped with self-absorbing the blame like ink handcuffs because we all know people who have died, or had a rougher go og it than they should have, at the risky intersection of "family" law v. law.


Your safer private network (SPN) here. Designer safer and full of overlapping empathy recording your nuclear family connections alive with meaning. Take that freedom ink handcuffs! Marks one meaningful interaction at a time, but differently. 


Earn for safety access happening on the side. You're be respected for safer & easier 360-degree "child safety file" solutions within those dangerous & difficult 180-degree "adult fighting file" problems. Because conflicts, riots, divorce and overlapping hostilities are all on the rise. Provide families with safer and easier options. Like a child safety seats during a life-wrecking like divorce. Which often includes psychological warfare tactics, strategies & operations. Among other hardships.

"Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history." - Ray Merritt

Years of


We have the know-how to help businesses seamlessly converge.

How was this new school safety measure born?


Besides a vision, Clean Law works tirelessly on family sustainability where scientific law & "family" law v. law meets. Scientific law is like a bridge safely getting us over a river. Even if the escalating divisions are in the name of "family" bridge. Like a ship safely getting us across  the turbulent ocean. Can you imagine if the next-generation has a ultra safe bridge at the same time pitfalls in their lives are being created?


Hopefully, you'll never need it, but we're here to help span the most dire emotional, financial and psychological valleys of policy together.


God forbid, if you or a loved one ever end up feeling like you're dying 💔 ⚙ ⚰ for access, clarity and peace of mind at the intersection of law v. law, while you're either swept away under the rug of exclusion, or left in the compacting trunk of justice somewhere to escaping for yourself during a high-conflict divorce or draining broken concrete deal dispute carried out too far, then we're here to help.

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Why wouldn't people need to escape? Secure new roots for the fabric of American society?


Don't forget the child safety files 💧🐣!

Reverse turbulence today!

It's side-law we've been dying for ⚰ !


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